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  1. Hi new to forum but not sure if this is still very active or not.
  2. New to a forum like this. I have been journaling consistently for several months and sending my weekly writing to my therapist which has really helped our work together tremendously. We do not rehash details but it has been a space to give the part of me that would not be able to share a voice. It also helps that my therapist has a clue of what my struggles are from emotions I have, to flashbacks, my anxiety, my harsh self talk and everything that goes into my moodiness. I have committed to sharing and I have the choice to change that. She makes a point to to thank me and those parts of me that allow for the journal to be written and for me to share it. It has been really important for me to really trust. I am fortunate to have a therapist who has been so supportive in the process. I am in a much better space to be able to address my mental health struggles. It took a big step to share week one and sometimes it is easier than other times.
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