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  1. The thing is I started the 5mg’s up from 3.75 six days ago. When I increased to the 5 it was time to go to a new refill which came from a different manufacturer. Idk if it is just the increase but since starting that new bottle I have zero energy and I don’t really feel any difference. At least before I was having some good days. I will give it more time and hope to God it helps. I have been on the buspirone (of course at low dose) for about 10 weeks now. I struggle to leave my house a lot. Idk if this drug is enough but the truth is I am terrified of going on an ssri as the side effects in the past have been absolutely horrendous.
  2. I went up to 5mg twice a day this past Friday. I’ve still been struggling. I hope the increase will kick in soon.
  3. Ok, I’ll give it a try. Thank you.
  4. I definitely am seeing some positive things from the buspirone just nervous about increasing. Extremebeginner how long after the increase did it take for you to notice a better change?
  5. I am wanting advise from anyone who has had a positive experience with buspirone. I started really low because I am really sensitive to meds. I’ve been on 2.5mg x 2 per day for almost 2 weeks (13 days). I just increased to 3.75 x 2 per day two days ago. I haven’t felt any significant change. I am on day 15 of taking the pills and tonight I am quite anxious. I’ve also been up and down with feeling low and there have been times when I have felt really agitated. Do I need to give it more time? Seems like a lot of people said they felt better within a week or two. What should I do? Any advise would be helpful.
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