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  1. really dont understand why im rejected so many times, never had a gf in 20 years, heck i asked every in my highschool it was rejection, im asking girls when i go places it's no even when i go to college it's no, like am i ugly or something? im a great guy i guess that's not an attraction to girls or something. i dont know anyone, it feels like great people are menace to society or something. it's so frustracting that i feel like im never going to be happy, im just going end up taking my own life like my uncle did because no one likes me.
  2. i dont know what to do, my dad is getting so stressed out because my brother wont decide on a car and it's bad enough he's taking my dad's car which isnt going to last and he's probably going to take mine if it dies. what's worse is that he makes tons of money, he's being cheap about it, i have been trying to tell him, you got to put your foot down with him, you are letting him walk all over you, either you get a car or take the keys away from him until he does. he's doing this to himself and he's the parent, it's his car not my brother's and it's like my brother is the parent and my dad is the child. i never once ever taken my dad's car and run it to the ground, heck i went thru 5 cars, i never cared about bells and whistles, colors all that bs as long as it drives because that's what is important and i needed it to go places and not taking their cars.
  3. i mean i try to ask for their number and for some reason they are afraid to, maybe i should try to ask for their social media like facebook?
  4. i asked another girl and got rejected, i feel so depressed right now like it's never going to end, there's no light at the end of tunnel, i dont know why i should bother trying anymore? girls dont like me, i guess that's what i am, unlikable. i really wish my mom would just let me die when i was baby because i would have been better off dead than going through this never ending pain of hate against me. im just so tired of this, i dont know what to do.
  5. actually i wasnt trying to flirt with customers, i was trying to look for female workers. i didnt explain it in full detail my fault on that one. anyhow, it's very hard in my area because most of the people are very old and not young even going to parks and bars, it's pretty much like families and most of the people gather in bars and dont hang out alone which makes it harder for me to find someone. i want to try apps but i cant trust them because of scams, one thing i can trust when it comes to social media is fb but they took out the feature to meet new people on fb which is crazy. im doing ok, i just keep getting alot of self doubt. im really stuck right now.
  6. i try to go to lowes and kohls to find girls to talk to, it's either they are too old or too busy, i just dont want to do or where to go because no one is helping me, at times i feel ok, today i feel like i just want to end my life because i cant happiness no matter what i do. im tired of coming home, empty handed with depressed look on my face, everytime i go out. i just dont know what to do.
  7. yes you are right and lol, yeah it would be great if i found another flyers fan.
  8. update i finally did it yesterday, i asked a girl for her number and she couldnt she had a bf but that's fine she even complemented me for asking her out i feel great about it since i finally broke my fears and today i asked another girl but she says she wouldnt give her number to strangers so i understand that too but when i came home and i told my dad about it, he says i should stop and like i feel depressed right now. i mean im having such a hard time with this and my parents are giving me negative comments, i dont know what to do even when i came home, i felt like ending my life because i live in such a crap lifestyle i dont even know why i should bother living?
  9. i was at lowes, i saw this girl like and i couldnt talk to her, i keep walking away, and i went to my car, im screaming my lungs out like why god? why me?!!!!, i feel so weak that im never going to get my fear of girls like what's the point of living anymore? i crying on the way home because it's been like 20 years since i had a gf and feel like it's never going to change because god hates me, everyone hates me, im not meant to be happy. i feel like im meant to just to stare at my laptop and take care of the house until im a old man, that's my future. im just so tired of heartbreak, i dont want to try anyone. my friends were useless even when they took me to a bar once like ten years ago and i had issues and they just gave up on me and called me gay and i didnt know what to do. i dont know what to do anymore. please help, i feel hopeless.
  10. ok my brother sold his car last year and he didnt bother to go out to look for a car because he's very cheap and very anal with certain things, plus he makes alot of money, it's bad enough he's taking my parents car and that car will die soon. my parents just rub it off and let him do what he wants like they wont get tough on him about going out and looking for car. i try to get them to be more restrictive on him because he will take either my car or the jeep which it's on a lease, it's like talking to the wall. i dont know what to do, i love my brother and he means well but his decision making is really dumb and my parents arent doing anything about it. im worried that he's going to take my car or the jeep and wear them down until we have nothing to drive. i dont understand why my parents are sticking up with him on this because it's their cars, not my brothers. i mean i get it if it was a few months, but it's been a year and a half. my parents are like brain dead on this. he's using them.
  11. thank you im doing much better now, i went to the doctor he says it's your ocd causes your problems and i just have to find more things to do to get my mind off of it.
  12. thank you im good now, im going to the doctors tomorrow, so i'll talk to him. thank you.
  13. my uncle just died yesterday and i was crying and i having trouble swallowing food but it does go down but im so scared is it part of the grieving or something more serious because i never had this before. my weight is fine but im shaking so bad right now that i might die. please help. my parents are getting frustrated with me, i dont know what to do.
  14. im worried about my dad, he keeps eating foods that he shouldnt be eating, he's getting heaver every day, everytime i try talk to him, he yells at me and says i have stress, that's an addiction and he promised me he would take care of himself and he's not and on top of that my uncle has cancer and he might die this year and if it's not bad enough i have no one to talk to and i dont have a girlfriend because im getting rejected every time, that's causing more pain. im crying every day, i cant afford to be burying my uncle and my father in one year, it's too much. my father is so selfish, he doesnt think about me and my mom, especially my mom because that's her brother that's dieing. i dont know what to do, he's going to have a serious medical problem, everyone that's working for the company that my dad is working for has died, alot of them are heart attacks. it's scaring me. please i need help anyone.
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