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  1. I'm the same! I believe I have normal run of the mill celeb crushes, but they aren't obsessive and they don’t make me feel down because of their real life partners. Besides, I'm married and having a CO is almost like cheating in your heart so I've trained myself to not dwell on these actors. Instead I cast them in the books I write, which is enjoyable. (I dream of a TV adaptation, of course!)
  2. Hello! I just joined here. (sigh) I have a CO. A fairly new one. I've had them in the past, but what's most disheartening is that this one is a decently well-known actor. He might be becoming an A-lister. At first this was fun, watching his work and his handsome face made me smile, but (as you'd probably guess) I learned some info about his real life from reading a Reddit board about celebs. If anyone is going through this now please PM me. I hope for someone to commiserate about this very embarrassing and private problem. I'm a married 40+ woman with children.
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