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  1. Hey Cent! Have you told this friend that you're struggling with depression, as opposed to being tired, sad, low, etc? If they don't, you might want to tell them you are specifically dealing with depression, and maybe give them a few sentences about what that means for you. They might be getting frustrated because they just think you're "bummed out" and they don't understand why you won't just perk up and come around (as if it was that easy!). It could also be that they're assuming you're shutting them out because of something they did, you don't enjoy their company, or so forth.
  2. Hey Mel! Not to be blunt, but holy cow. I'm sorry, he understands that you're on an antidepressant medication, right? A medication that is (presumably) keeping you safe and sane and allowing you to show up as a partner? Because if he does, then your post sounds like he's saying he'd be OK with you being miserable as long as you're thin. That's a huge red flag. As a female-presenting person myself - jumping from size 20 after being size 10 is definitely a change, but your partner's response should be one of understanding and support, not throwing a tantrum because his d*ck is somehow more important than your mental health. If you haven't already ran the gauntlet of trying other medications, it may be worth talking to your provider about your weight gain and seeing if there is another med you could try. Weight gain on medication is a real issue, but some meds are better than others in this regard. You might also want to consider if your current med is effective - I'm making assumptions here and am NOT a doctor, but overeating, binging on junk, and low energy levels often accompany depression. It could be that your med is fine but it's not as effective as before, which is leading to unhealthy behaviors. Best of luck.
  3. Hey Hazara, Looks like you posted this a while ago - I hope you're finding yourself in better spirits these days. PM me for an article that I read. In short, "they" have found that the quickest way to get over a breakup is to reflect on the negative parts of your previous relationship. You said that you used to get into arguments - perhaps thinking about those might help. Lastly - and I mean this in the gentlest way possible - in the future, don't suggest breaking up unless it's something you seriously want to do. I can completely understand wanting to say something to "shock" the other person into action - but it's entirely possible that they'll care your bluff. Be well, friend.
  4. First of all, it's brave of you to share what you've shared. I think we've all said stupid, insensitive things at one point or another (goodness knows I have!) and it can be really embarrassing to look back on them! I'm not sure what your comments were to this woman you were interested in, but I would encourage you to try to determine your motivation for saying these things. Maybe you were feeling awkward and had to say something to fill the silence? Maybe you thought you were both on the same page with this particular topic but your comments proved otherwise? You can't take back what was said, but you can try to learn from it for the future. I know this is the hardest thing to believe when you're unpartnered, but take care of yourself - dive into your interests, pursue your dreams - and love will follow. Believe me, I know how dumb that sounds, but you attract the energy that you give off. Best of luck, friend.
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