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  1. I love 1. Sports 2. Watching TV 3. Being with my parents 4. Talking with my friends 5. Not having to be in the 5th school for the 5th year 6. Not having to move for the 6th time 7. Being able to enjoy life 8. Watching birds 9. Being with my pets 10. Being healthy 11. Having friends 12. People not thinking of me as weird, or ugly.
  2. Oh my god! I am so sorry. I am 12 British/Dutch/German. My Grandpa passed away, we weren't on good terms either. If you are having suicide thoughts, then you must immediately search for help. A therapist. I really hate it when people **** themselves because they are unhappy. Most things can be solved. But to know if it can be solved you must see if you can start working on on a solution. It's like science: Question Hypothesis Experiment Did it work? Yes/No If Yes, Solution! If no, new Hypothesis. If I where you, I would try to push the feelings of guilt behind, becasue that only makes it harder to move on. Then I would look for help. A therapist and such. But I would concentrate on the test. Best Wishes Anneke
  3. I feel like nobody cares about me. Very sad I feel. I found this website today. Maybe it will help.
  4. Oh my gods. Your family isn't that nice. I'm so sorry. Of course depression exists. I really hope your therapy helps you. I myself am looking for answers...
  5. Hi, I just need to say, I haven't been diagnosed with depression or anything, but we know I have it. I am 12 and my brother 9. He is always thinking that everybody likes him in this family, he is the best, the smartest and stuff. And he was playing with a paper airplane and I went to pick it up for him and he pushed me into my dads expensive car. My knee went hard on the asphalt. And it isn't just because he hurt me that I cried, but also because it happens daily, sometimes it hurts more, sometimes less. And it doesn't just hurt on the outside, but on the inside too. He doesn't seem to think that me having depression is important, me being very sensitive is important, me being his older sister is important, and so on. I can't be helped as long as he keeps on being like that. I just know it. And I want to get better, because I have physical signs too. We have seen a doctor and nothing seems to be wrong anymore. I just want to feel better. And I want to be able to love my brother. But I can't. Not as long he is like that. I need some advise on what to do. I really hope you can help me. Anneke
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