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  1. Just found this forum and this is my first post . I have been on Viibryd for about 10 years and it has been a life saver . Wish had been taking it years ago . I always been taking 20mg once a day . But with ok from my doctor I do take 40mg sometimes . It seems more and more I am needing that extra dose . Not having the best insurance like many I pay $100 for my prescription . That was not to bad cause my doctor would write my prescription for 40mg instead of 20 mg and I could break them in half so it would come to $50 a month to help out but with having to take the 40mg dose more price wise it is catching up to me . Viibryd like I said changed my life around I hear about a generic for years but nothing has ever came of it . Has anyone or is there a cheaper alternative to it . The thought of changing I will be honest is a little scary cause of how good it has helped but financially the cost is getting out of hand . I know I need to talk to my doctor but I like to do a little homework on these things if you know what I mean ? Thanks .
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