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  1. I have tried drinking alcohol but that just makes the anhedonia worse . Is there a natural cure for this ? I am suffering so badly - constant discomfort even when lying in bed
  2. Hi, I developed anhedonia gradually over the last year. It is a very uncomfortable unpleasant burning feeling in my head and scalp . I cannot feel pleasure from sex, orgasm , foreplay or massage . I am completely impotent . It’s not the lack of sexual pleasure that really bothers me however . It’s the day to day aching and burning discomfort whenever I : eat , bathe , lie in bed or talk to my grandparents . Basically anything that used to give me pleasure now makes my head ache and burn . It is a nasty feeling . I am so uncomfortable most of the time
  3. Hi, I have noticed recently this burning ache and discomfort in my scalp and head . I haven’t been able to feel pleasure in ages i have been trying to drink alcohol to restore the pleasure but this just makes the anhedonia worse does anyone have any advice on how to cure this naturally? It is really bringing me down I can’t feel pleasure from sex, bathing , eating etc .
  4. Hi thanks for the advice I’m going to try and not drink for the next couple of days and see what effect that will have on my mood
  5. Hi, I m a 27 year old female from wales . I am really struggling to feel pleasure and motivate myself I fell this lack of pleasure in everything I do : sex, orgasm , eating and bathing it is a horrible feeling - a dull ache where my pleasure should be . It makes me drink alcohol as I want to restore my lack of pleasure . nothing else gives me pleasure and it is really depressing me and upsetting me
  6. I used to have a great sense of humour . I can barely laugh now at anything . It’s such a horrid disease
  7. I’ve also lost my sense of humour . Everything seems boring and empty to me - I think the medication has taken away my sense of humour too
  8. I badly want my pleasure back - I can’t accept the fact my life will be bleak and empty from now on
  9. I cant seem to get a kick out of life at all - even reading doesn’t give me the same pleasure . Just a dull aching discomfort
  10. I just want to go to sleep now it’s been a bad night for me - losing lots of pleasure
  11. It also affects my motivation to do things . I think it’s the antipsychotic causing the Avolition not just the illness There’s something wrong with my reward system - it’s not working properly
  12. I’m too selfish and lazy to get a boyfriend - it takes too much effort and I’m not bothered . The medication I’m on has taken away my sex drive anyway
  13. Call me selfish but I don’t want to give pleasure to another person if I can’t feel it myself - it just isn’t worth the effort . Why should I give pleasure to anybody when I can’t feel it myself? The answer is I shouldn’t there’s no point - nothing in it for me
  14. I feel like I have a grim future ahead of me . Even if I do live to a ripe healthy old age I’ll be so miserable and lacking in pleasure throughout my life . It’s depressing that I can’t feel physical pleasure anymore . I will never be able to orgasm or have physical pleasure
  15. I know I shouldn’t complain but it upset me when I realised I couldn’t feel pleasure from talking to my grandmother - that all my pleasure had gone not just from sex . I could live without sex , sex isn’t necessary for me but the other parts of my life like eating, bathing and talking to family and friends is . i feel quite depressed that I’ve lost my pleasure in talking to my grandparents
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