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  1. I would pay good money or do anything to get my pleasure back
  2. I want some help in treating the anhedonia. Any medication , therapy , or cure for this
  3. I have been celibate for over a year because sex isn’t pleasurable for me anymore . I have given up ever finding a boyfriend/ girlfriend as I will be unable to have sex with them. i would have to find someone understanding or who doesn’t want sex as well
  4. I know I am complaining but it’s something I am really upset and preoccupied by . The lack of pleasure affects everything I do and is constant throughout the day. Over Christmas I couldn’t enjoy the turkey dinner or opening presents . I had a really depressing time .
  5. I also can’t feel pleasure from exercising . Instead of pleasure after exercise I feel this dull burning ache - I know this is not how I’m supposed to feel as when I was younger I used to get a boost from exercise. Now I have no incentive to exercise as it doesn’t make me feel good anymore
  6. Even small things like bathing , eating a nice meal and lying in bed don’t give me pleasure anymore. No pleasure, no reward no comfort
  7. I am in constant discomfort unable to feel pleasure from basic things like eating, bathing , massage or sex . I am in terrible pain all the time - unable to relax or feel pleasure or comfort . It is a horrible symptom
  8. Hi, I m a 27 year old female from wales . I have noticed I have no pleasure in sex, foreplay or orgasm . When someone touches me I feel this intense discomfort and achy , itchy soreness inside my head . It is very painful and distressing for me that I cannot enjoy sex . I am only 27 and yet my sex life is already over . I find this distressing and hard to live with
  9. I cant even have a bath without feeling the discomfort inside my head . Not even bathing is enjoyable. It used to be so relaxing and pleasurable for me now I feel this burning sore ache and lack of pleasure . Please someone tell me there is a cure for this and it isn’t permanent
  10. I wish there was a cure for this . I would do anything , pay anything to get my pleasure back . I don’t want to live a life with no pleasure or no sex because it isn’t pleasurable
  11. The lack of pleasure makes me want to drink alcohol . It’s not the pleasure it’s the LACK of pleasure that makes me reach for a drink . Unfortunately I have been drinking a lot due to the anhedonia and lack of pleasure in basic things like bathing , eating etc.
  12. I wish I could feel pleasure again . I would do anything to get my pleasure back
  13. hi im a 27 year old female from wales . I have noticed over the past couple of months I have entirely lost my pleasure in sex , eating, bathing and massage . I am unable to feel pleasure from physical sensations . Obviously because of this my sex drive is very low as I can no longer feel pleasure from massage , touch or sex . I am very distressed by this . My sex life is completely over and I am only 27
  14. I have tried drinking alcohol but that just makes the anhedonia worse . Is there a natural cure for this ? I am suffering so badly - constant discomfort even when lying in bed
  15. Hi, I developed anhedonia gradually over the last year. It is a very uncomfortable unpleasant burning feeling in my head and scalp . I cannot feel pleasure from sex, orgasm , foreplay or massage . I am completely impotent . It’s not the lack of sexual pleasure that really bothers me however . It’s the day to day aching and burning discomfort whenever I : eat , bathe , lie in bed or talk to my grandparents . Basically anything that used to give me pleasure now makes my head ache and burn . It is a nasty feeling . I am so uncomfortable most of the time
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