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  1. Hi , I’m a 26 year old student . I have been feeling emotionally numb for the past year. I cannot feel happy , sad, joy or anger . It’s just nothingness . I have this uncomfortable nervous energy as well so I constantly feel on edge . Yet I still feel nothing . It’s an awful numb lump in my head and it doesn’t go away and I’m sick of being like this . I just want to feel something again. how do I regain my lost emotions and start enjoying life again thanks
  2. Hi, I’m a 26 year old student from wales . I have been hearing voices for the past 3 years . They are spiteful, derogatory and nasty . They have been threatening to assault me and perform operations on me without my consent and also sexually assault me. I have also been suffering with anhedonia . I struggle to feel pleasure from activities I used to enjoy like taking a bath, reading a book and listening to music. I feel restless all the time and like I can’t relax. I am constantly on edge. Is there any advice on how to treat the anhedonia and also stop the voices Thank you
  3. Emu567

    Anhedonia help

    What makes it worse is I hear voices telling me I don’t deserve to feel pleasure and they are going to do surgery to punish me and take away my pleasure . They say vile abusive things to me and threaten to assault me constantly . I keep telling them to stop but they don’t listen . I also experience horrible tactile hallucinations underneath my scalp- a kind of burning and painful sensation in the centre of my brain. It’s become a living hell for me every day and I’m so angry I don’t know what to do .
  4. Hi , im a 26 year old student who has been suffering with depression and psychosis for the past 3 years. For the past year I have also suffered with anhedonia . I barely feel any pleasure from activities I used to enjoy . It’s physical as well, I can’t enjoy bathing or drinking a cup of tea. I also can’t enjoy sex and my sex drive is really low. I just feel an uncomfortable emptiness. I’m feeling very depressed at the moment, I can barely get out of bed in the morning and spend all day on the sofa. The anhedonia makes it so much worse. I’m wondering if I’m stuck like this , if my brain is permanently damaged or is there some hope for recovery ? Are there any tips for overcoming anhedonia and regaining pleasure in life ?
  5. For the past year I have been feeling emotionally numb and unable to feel pleasure from the things I used to enjoy . I feel blank, hollow and empty and have no sex drive . I also hear voices saying derogatory things about me and lying about me- for example they call me a pedophile or child killer . I started self harming again this week because the bullying by the voices got too much - I started scratching and cutting my wrists and drinking too much. The voices always talk about how they are going to punish me and that I don’t deserve pleasure or happiness. I’m starting to worry I’ll never get better and that I’ll be stuck like this for the rest of my life . Is there any advice you can give me regarding voices and also the anhedonia Thank you ! (Sorry for my long rambling post )
  6. I have been suffering from lack of pleasure on and off for the past year. The last couple of months I’ve noticed I can hardly feel any pleasure and get no enjoyment out of my usual hobbies - exercise , reading and walking . All I want to do is lie on the sofa and sleep I have zero motivation to revise or do anything . I also feel very emotionally numb/empty / hollow . I’m not connecting with people and feel like I just don’t care anymore
  7. I’ve been suffering with anhedonia for the past 6 months . I have been unable to feel pleasure from all the activities I used to enjoy like reading , walking and sex. It’s been hell for me and contributed to me feeling suicidal and also drinking too much alcohol. It’s like being sucked into a black hole, a vortex of despair. I also hear voices bullying me and telling me I’m worthless and I don’t deserve to have pleasure or be happy . I’m scared I’ll be stuck like this forever. Is there any cure/distraction for the emptiness I feel.
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