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  1. Hey man, When I read this (while also feeling angst) when I randomly stumbled upon the few posts you shared since 2013 till now, I swear it is really an uncanny resemblance to my own life. In fact I could have written all of them! We’re the same age, Christian, have the same issues about being in this material world as believers, paralysed decision making in all aspects about spiritual and ambition, depressive feelings, close encounters with the opposite sex but marriage being an elusive goal, government job struggles, being bullied, Low self esteem etc Im also still finding my way and have no answers, but All I can say for now is, there’s at least one other person who can definitely understand what you are going through. Also, it’s brave of you to share all these and at least trying to find a solution, if not a listening ear. This is actually my first post on the forum, couldn’t help but find your experience all too familiar. Would be happy to chat more on this, do hang in there mate!
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