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  1. thanks anyways. also that was good advice even if you never saw that it was
  2. im new to the site so i thought i might tell you stuff that happened recently. So when i was 3-4 i was raped by some guys my mom always had over. she was too busy doing drugs to pay attention to what was happening at home but i still love her regardless. Fast foreward a couple years (i was 6) i had been bullied and went to my mom about it, but she didnt care and told me, "their probably kidding [insert my name]." i hadnt thought mush of it so i went to my room and listened to music. an hour after i got home my mom and dad had a big fight and i had gotten scared so i was curled up in my closet when my dad came in and told me that me, my brother and him were going somewhere so we had left. after that i had stopped expressing my feelings and talked less. fast foreward a few years (now 15) i had gotten a therapist because of an attempt. she suggested i get back in tough with my mom. so i did and now i have a meeting with her soon and im a little scared on what might happen. if anyone has any advice id love to hear it.
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