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  1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s the hardest part! And the fans who meet that CO often.
  2. My mom told me - since I was 3. yes, I went through many changes; a couple months, to years.
  3. That’s what I learned too. Of course, my therapist said the best thing I can do is recognize the voids that aren’t being fulfilled and find other ways to find happiness/fill the void. Simple? Naaaaw. I love having CO’s. I’ve had them my entire life and I’m now in my 30s. I don’t see it going away.
  4. I’m obsessed with my POS. I am, I admit it. He’s admitted it. We are bound to be miserable together. He’ll be calling me up in a few days wanting to get back together, as he always does, and I’ll fall back to him. Anyone hear the song Clarity by Zedd? That’s us. ——— I’ve been reading previous posts about CO’s spouses/SO’s, media, social media, etc and my GOD I don’t miss that at all. All my previous COs had followings, and I dealt with the same BS. I met my previous CO plenty of times but she played favorites. I haaaaated it; although, I’m glad I was amongst a few who were noticed. She would be in and out of relationships, and the jealousy would begin again. And the fans — like most fandoms these days — were vicious. I eventually left that CO and found another; an actor. Soft features, blue eyes and dark hair — like an angel. His fans were even more vicious, that it actually turned my stomach and soured my obsession. I feel so relieved that my CO is from the 1800’s because I don’t have to deal with ANY of this. I do wonder what it would be like if he were alive today. Then, I quickly wish the thoughts away. I feel comfortable here, where there’s no MASSIVE following and I can just enjoy it on my own without interference. It’s peaceful.
  5. The POS broke up with me. He didn’t really say much about it, but it’s for the best. We’ve been through this cycle for nearly a year now (since April 2021) - breaking up (his doing) and getting back together again after several fights. It’s best he goes away for good this time. this is probably WHY I developed another obsession (subconsciously). It’s been so hard with that POS and I, the worst/best relationship I’ve ever had. i will get through this. I know my CO obsession will help me get through this
  6. YES. I never really been “obsessed” with anyone in real life until recently. My bf and I are in this on going on-off situation, and we are both OBSESSED with one another. It’s so unhealthy but I cannot get out of it because I’m literally obsessed with him. (And my CO, of course.) However, no. It doesn’t stop. Thanks for the advice but nope. That one goes away “forcefully”, another develops. It’s not that simple. EDIT: oh what the heck! I just saw your name and it’s a character in a book my CO wrote that I’m obsessed with. See? It doesn’t go away… and synchronicities, such as this, HAPPENS. EDIT AGAIN: I’m sorry, I just cannot get over the IRONY that your username is Severian. It’s close to Severin. Sigh. What the hhhhhhhhhhhhheck. Probably not a big deal to you.
  7. I’ve been obsessed with celebrities my whole life. Some last a few months to a couple of years at a time. Once I think I’ve been “cured”, I suddenly find myself in a new obsession. I think it’s a lack of something in my life that causes these sudden obsessions. It’s not like “an interest”. It’s an “in love” sort of unrequited love situation. I posted in the original thread years ago about a CO I was in love with for a few years. That one ended and a new one started, then a new one and now this one. It’s a never ending cycle. Like before, I am in a relationship. I thought that once I found “love”, these would go away. Nope. It’s like a “poly” situation. My bf isn’t happy about it. It’s “emotional cheating”. My CO has been dead since the early 1900’s. I try to make it seem like my obsession is mild or that it “doesn’t matter” or shouldn’t matter to my bf since being with my CO is literally at 0%. So, I just try to keep it to myself but the next minute I know, I’m talking about him and random facts I learn. this isn’t the first time I’ve been madly in love with a CO that is no longer with us. Is this just weird? It’s weird, isn’t it? Sigh. I don’t mind if you guys know my CO or figure it out but the mystery is fun.
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