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  1. On 2/18/2020 at 8:38 AM, Lindsay said:

    Time to start a new thread!  142 Pages!!

    I have No Words

    Well I done an introduction. I am strugging my head seems to be working against me. I dread waking up as I have to work through yet another day of pretending all is OK 😕 and the dreading feeling. Legs and arms body just feel hard to move around.

    Thanks for asking 

    Take care and stay safe 

  2. On 1/27/2022 at 6:55 AM, Luciano said:

    Hi Everyone

    I had depression when I was a kid followed by a period of severe OCD. In my adult life I have had depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, insomnia. Things are much better now but I have a fair amount of experience dealing with this stuff that I can share. 


    Hello iam also new. I strugging at the moment. Glad your feeling much better. I also been through alot mentally.  I don't tell meny people about my mental heath. Only boyfriend and 3 of my close friends. But sometime I feel they not really intressed about that side of me. Well any way nice to meet you. Hope to see you around hear.

    Take care and keep safe. 


  3. Hello all, I am new to this site. I been diagnosed with different thing over the years moderate depression, unstable borderline personally disorder. Then about 9 years ago was diagnosed with sicoafectvie disorder.
    At the moment I hearing noises .like knocking on Windows doors and tv on when the tv off, laughing , whispering.
    I also have health issues to fibromyalgia, m.e , type2 diabetes, peripheral nerve damage, cardiomyopathy. High blood pressure,

    So I been struggling with my mobility and everything starting to change .

    Boyfriend deiceding to buy the flat WE are living in . So he be taking over Bill and I going to have to relie on him and benefit stops except pip. I panicking about that . 

    I am all so struggling mentally dealing with how my health. Life changed so much I am  limited what I can do. I have to use wheelchair get a cleaner. I want to be normal and able to do things like my friends. I can't go on night out with girls as I struggle to walk every where. Then I can't dance with out sitting down after a min of dancing. I am missing intressed in life and thing like craft I enjoy. house work and looking after my self also is being affected massively to.

    I want to be on my own most evening and can't wait till 7 pm comes so I go to bed. When I wake I dread it as I have to pretend every thing OK and it's not that bad.but its get worse.

    I just want to be in my bed room on my own so I don't have to deal with any one. Been making excuses to my friends I am not at home or I don't feel well head ache ECT.

    I feel I shutting down mentally too.

    there probably more but it even taking it out of me typing this . Sigh hate this feeling of dread and my head seems to be working against me .
    I don't no what else to do. I am scared as mental health killed my marriage and now iam with a new partner. I am scared it will change our relationship. As he not seen a depression episode before. 

    Well that what going on.Thanks for reading and taking the time out of your day. Keep safe. 

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