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  1. Ooh ok so I've actually got this too, but I had the neck thing before sertraline. For me my neck presses left into my shoulder quite sharply and can either be quite quick and releases quickly or sometimes it holds there for a bit and can hurt a bit. This predominantly happens when I'm feeling anxious or uncomfortable (I have social anxiety and i get sensory overloads). This I see as a kind of nervous tic, a bit like with Tourettes i guess, or like a stim (something linked to autism just a physical way of letting emotion out). This might be completely different to you, definitely talk to your doctor or therapist about it, but mine is linked with anxiety and i can to some degree control it. Hope it gets better
  2. I have been on Sertraline for over a year now, and have smoked only a couple of cigarettes in my life. I couldn't tell you about smokings effect on sertraline but sertraline has impacted smoking for me. Recently the 2 times i have smoked it has given me a drunk-like head rush, blurred vision and difficulty walking straight. I smoked sitting down and when i stood up i needed to throw up. This was without any alcohol at all. It might just be a nicotine rush, but I never had it before I was on Sertraline and I dont think I will smoke in the near future because to be honest it was pretty scary and made my head spin. If that's something you are alright with or want then cool, but this was with 3/4 of a cigarette over like 30 minutes so IDK.
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