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  1. I actually did quite well with the wait and didn't have to supplement or substitute anything and even had a decent night's sleep. Thank you, Epictetus!
  2. Hi, y'all! Around a month ago, I was switched from Trintellix to Cymbalta, and at the end of my first bottle of Cymbalta, I misjudged and ran out and wasn't able to take one this morning. Now it's bedtime and I am a bit nervous about how I might feel tonight as far as withdrawal symptoms go. I will be able to get my Cymbalta prescription in the morning and take one about 10:30 in the morning. I am starting to feel a little weird having gone the day without the Cymbalta. For tonight, should I take one of my Trintellix (SSRI) I still have or simply do without tonight? Or take an extra 1/2 anti-anxiety pill? I have an important (unrelated) appt tomorrow and don't want to miss it or feel terrible at it, so I hope to sleep decently. What do you think? SandraD
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