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  1. Hello everyone, I had some anxiety four years ago and my doctor prescribed 60 mg Cymbalta. I felt better when I took it so continued taking it for 2 years. Halfway through it, I had a feeling that I should get off of it as I didn't want to rely on the medicine forever. But never found a good psychiatrist in my new town. So after 2 years, I got off of it with the help of psychiatrist. She tapered the dose from 60 to 30 and to 20. And then alternate the days with 20 after that and then got off of it. No reaction, no symptoms along this tapering process of about 2-3 months. Soon after stopping it completely, stomach upset started (diarrhea, long bowel sounds after eating and while sleeping, indigestion, etc.). No idea about the cymbalta withdrawal as I thought maybe some kind of travel stress as I was traveling that time. Didn't stop for 3-4 months and then saw PCP, GI specialist. They did all possible GI tests and nothing showed up. Suddenly one day, I noticed ache or sore right hamstring (back of thigh) while sitting. Slowly got worse and after couple of months, went to PCP and physical therapy. The pain now expanded to larger areas the hamstring and the buttocks region (January 2020). It is strange that the pain is there only while sitting. Then I experienced heel pain while standing more than 15 minutes. Did physical therapy, chiropractor, all medical tests and nothing showed up. The GI and overall body aches continued till December 2020. Then one doctor told me it might be cymbalta withdrawal effect and my GI issues got better once I started taking 60 mg Cymbalta again. But it has been 11 months now and no change in pain level and pattern even I take cymbalta. Under doctor's recommendation, I increased the dosage to 90 mg which had no effect at all. This unexplained aches have been ******* me and I am dying everyday as I am not able to do my office work. I also have knee pain for last 1 year. Can there be this kind of withdrawal effect of cymbalta? Now, it's hard to believe that my pain is coming from physical issues or nerve pinch as it's in different parts of the body. It's sometime on my hand as well. I am really sad that I went to psychiatrist and started cymbalta.
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