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  1. psychosis is not depression. your food for thought is puke. but thanks for trying.
  2. am struggling. i can try to. no i can clarify. im jumping at everything. im trying to stay calm in my room. quiet. quiet. aware of hallucinations. aware but not spending too much time. i can't go into an episode. i can't. i can. i can be okay. i don't wanna fall through the ice. i can be okay. mostly auditory. becoming visual
  3. just noticed i put this in the wrong forum. oh well. maybe it'll get moved. thank you oscar and jd. i struggle with motivation and loneliness mostly. im a career cook out of work since january (less to do with being able to find a job and more to do with legal troubles due to my addiction). i have a psychologist again, finally, for the first time since 2018. is over telehealth, which even though there's video id prefer it was in person, but ill take what i can get.
  4. wasn't sure where to post this but this might be alright. i'm tyler. ive been struggling with depression and anxiety since i was 11. i struggle with ptsd and schizoaffective as well. am finally getting into therapy again now that im insured after a while of not having insurance. was just looking for a place to maybe talk about things sometimes. ive used sites like this since 2010 but maybe here can be more promising. i've a lot of issues but mostly its the overwhelming loneliness that i struggle with.
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