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    Hello, good morning, I am 16 years old and since the middle of last year when we were in quarantine, I suffer from anhedonia, I think I got very stressed with the quarantine, tolerate the chronic victimizer of my father more than normal (before the quarantine at least I went to school and was calmer) and also with the school, because in a virtual way it is very difficult for me to learn things and that made me nervous, I get distracted very easily. It's very bad to have anhedonia, it's like being a walking robot and feeling that the world feels unreal, you stop feeling all kinds of emotions, you lose the pleasure for the things you liked (I used to be a music lover, now I feel nothing for listening to music), you lose all your intelligence and ability to concentrate (it feels like having ADD), you are tired all day long without wanting to do anything, insomnia problems, etc. Sometimes I thought about committing suicide but I don't have enough courage and I am aware that this is not forever, but I don't know what to do..... My parents are very negligent, they do not like at all the idea of going to the doctor (in this case it would be a psychologist), they always resort to self-medication (they think it is not necessary to go to the doctor and that you can cure yourself...), I have not told them what I am feeling because I know they do not care about me and will not do anything about it.... Could you give me some advice on how to overcome anhedonia? PS: I speak Spanish and I used the google translator since I don't speak English, I'm sorry if there is a badly written text.
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