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  1. Hey everyone It's been a very long time since I've posted here as although my CO problem hasn't gone away it had made me more happy than sad most of the time. It has however become much more intense over the past 2 months, funnily enough as my life has got busier after starting a job so maybe I'm more stressed than I realised. It became like an emotional fix for me to see his face or hear his voice (he's a musician and his singing does things to me). I went to see him at a gig last night and queued up to talk to him after and get merch signed. He was perfectly fine but a bit standoffish, I could really tell I was just another random fan to him. Again, nothing wrong with that but it forced me to acknowledge that fact as reality and I feel gutted inside and a bit foolish for getting so emotionally invested in a stranger. I want now to break the cycle of these obsessions as it's obviously not as harmless as I thought but I don't really know how. Thanks for reading
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