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  1. Wow, that's amazing. A productive and creative activity it is. Eagerly waiting to see the pics of what you make out of it.
  2. You may begin by reading something which calms the mind. I like general books like philosophy, self help, spiritual books, science fiction by Authors such as Carl Sagan.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I think its possible to get back through yoga, pranayama and meditation. There are yogas postures which can be practiced without standing on ur feet, and breathing pranayama can be practiced sitting and meditation too. Check if you know anyone nearby who know a good teacher.
  4. I am agnostic too. Thats what makes us to seek the truth. I would say that pain is real but suffering is our choice. Whats happening with u?
  5. I know, its really irritating. Hows is going?
  6. Too bad, What do u usually dream about?
  7. Yep, i also observed this. I was able to partially solve this by getting out. I tend to eat more when I am home.
  8. I get angry when someone doesn't listen to me or say something unpleasant or silly. Its happens very frequently. I don't know why. I get angry when someone knows my dor
  9. I think Agnostics would say "I don't know whether God exists or not" and is open for exploration in either directions. Or it would simply be Agnostics does not identify with "believers" or the "atheists" and continue to respect both.
  10. How is it going on for you? What was that dream about?
  11. pdh

    numb to feelings

    I understand, medicines seem to have placebo effect and does not seem to work. Normal is subjective. Once we stop this search for "normal" and be what we are, we start to live the life.
  12. pdh

    numb to feelings

    How are you feeling now? I have these feelings when I am in a crowd. I enjoy this feeling, even my hunger leaves me.
  13. We are what we believe we are. Belief is subjective. To allow our belief to be influenced by others will make us depend on "others". We need to understand this and stop this "belief" business and start to search for "who we are " and this probably will give us a purpose to live.
  14. I had many similar experiences. You did the right thing by not reacting. Reaction always hurt us for a longer time. I allowed it to pass and time will heal. Do you have a hobby? Indulging in the hobby will help it pass faster.
  15. Congratulations! it is rare to have a satisfied day where we do everything right.
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