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  1. I too found sun light improving my mood and reduce my irritability. We need to be careful with low blood pressure, I remember I had once blacked out, fortunately my friends were around me.
  2. We don't have answers for some questions. We keep seeking until we find a solution and move on.
  3. I too have these situations. I just minimize my activities on those days and relax.
  4. Yes, time changes are not easy to handle. Whats happening to you?
  5. There can be nothing farther from deception that this. A ridiculous thing to blame the wildlife than the humans.
  6. it must be tasking your mind. I try to read some light books during these times to stabilise and I know it is not easy.
  7. I understand what you feel. I know it is hard. But the fact is "the present situation will change".
  8. Yes absolutely, just do bare minimum and spend rest of time seeking within ourselves the answers to our suffering.
  9. Exactly, there may be no meaning at all to what we do. We need to ask ourselves "why do what we are doing" and live in the society. The society gives us sustenance and security. Since we are born in this social structure and do not know how to live outside of this we probably should live within this while we seek these answers. Listen to the consciousness during the spare time.
  10. I am very sorry to hear about the illness which is troubling you. I think we need to differentiate between the pain and suffering. Pain, illness, physical ailments however unfortunate often occur due to external factors and hence we do not have much control over them. We need to accept them as it is and whenever there are opportunities to eliminate them physically through medicine, therapy etc., we should do that. After we have done the best possible thing to reduce them, we need to accept it as it is. This is not easy I agree with you. Once we accept this as it is and live with it while we seek keep solutions. Things may or may not change. Suffering is the state of mind. We have control over the way we deal with pain/illness/ailment. We can either suffer the or live with it. We should not pretend that we are happy when we are not, I absolutely agree with you. I know it is easy to say all these and not easy to live. This is what I have done. Whenever I face illness/pain/difficulty I simply thank that I have the opportunity to deal with this new thing. This has helped me a lot.
  11. Good morning, Good to know you could have some sleep. Do u listen to music that claims deep sleep etc., in the yt? It same to help me sometimes. I sometimes have a glass of water/milk when I wakeup inbetween, it makes me easier to fall asleep.
  12. Two hundred thousand, that is quite a large number. Glad to know you had a happy day. I pray the next two days are good too.
  13. I seem to feel more comfortable with myself than when people are around.
  14. Very True, I don't know why I am unable to trust people.
  15. I guess its morning now LoL. Good morning. Welcome to the new sunrise.
  16. You are welcome. What is a cold case?
  17. I understand what u r going through. Even I am unable to concentrate these days. Somehow I end up with browsing the internet meaninglessly. If we are in a "good" company we feel happy and seem to do "right" things. I guess seeking like minded friends will help. Do u get to meet ur friends often?
  18. Sorry to hear you could not sleep well. I know it is very hard to be ill and alone. Praying things will get better for you.
  19. Anger is something makes everyone bad, one who hears it and one who utters it. If we can learn not to react it would be of great help. I know its not easy. I keep concentrating on my breath when I recognize anger or irritation inside me. Do u read too?
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