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  1. True medical field has been commercialized, they extend the illness rather than cure it for obvious reasons. We need to look for alternatives including selfhelp.
  2. Belated happy Birthday. We are here for you. I understand what you are going through. I felt the same since I remember this. It has not stopped to rain here since the past week, its gloomy all the time. I feel so dull and irritable. I wish to be alone and when I am alone I feel sad and when people are around I get irritable. It is a paradoxial state I am in. Hope you slept well and have a Sunny Sunday.
  3. 11 months in a year i mismanage the time
  4. yes, people around me are noisy and nosy too. I try my best to stay inside and keep a cold face when they speak to me to get rid of them. Sorry to hear you were woken up on a Saturday morning. Parents can be difficult sometimes. Hope you can catch up with sleep in the afternoon.
  5. I haven't watched these two. I will do it this weekend. Thank you for the suggestions.
  6. Best wishes, and congratulations in advance :))))
  7. Very true, unfortunately, people don't seem to accept when they don't see it directly
  8. Even I would not want to be helped unless I ask for it. Sometimes, we do not seem to know when we require that extra bit of help as we fall into our shell which will takes us deeper and deeper into it until a time we cannot get out of it.
  9. Do you both stay in the same town? LoL.
  10. Good for you lindahurt. Glad to know that you had a productive day.
  11. I have the same difficulty in making appointment with doctor or important decisions. I fall asleep or become busy with other works. I think it important to be disciplined in making appointments with doctor. Hope u don't forget that next week.
  12. very sorry to hear that u have suffered for a long time. Unfortunately, life appears unfair to a few. I will pray for u that things will change. Pretension is very tasking. It strips us of reality and with nosy people around one wishes to get away from all. We need to get away from those who seem to make us feel bad or force us to pretend. I would not be able to pretend for long. Once we understand nothing matters unless we are well, we will begin to drop the pretension. Its not easy since our fantasy world of pretension has to fall one day. I can only send all my good thoughts to u now.
  13. Too bad. Hope u wll get better. Drinking a glass of water usually reduces my nausea.
  14. Sorry to hear that. What were you thoughts when you were awake? My sleep was broken many times.
  15. I understand this is a real problem. It can be really frustrating when we do not know why it is happening to us. It is not easy to accept due to the permanent effects. If we can do something "we should do it". However, there are certain situations when we do not know of there is nothing more we can do, in these situations we need to accept the and do our best to move on. Its easy to say and difficult to practice.
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