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  1. Yes this situation has put many in a bad state. Hoping this will pass away soon.
  2. i know how it feels. I would try breathing deeply and watch the sensations to pass by.
  3. Interesting that greeter at Walmart does not have that. I think we sometimes need some one to push us.
  4. sorry to hear that ladysmurf. We are all here for you. What did you want to be when you were in school?
  5. i guess people don't understand or has lost the ability to understand
  6. right, and hopefully we don't have meet them often those whom we have to pretend.
  7. i know, we wish to do something and don't know what.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Its a difficult and confusing situation. I hope you have had the therapy and talked to your husband.
  9. I noticed that when I clean up my house, i feel relaxed and is able to rest. Hope you get to relax. Try watching something which lifts our spirit.
  10. ladysmurf, sorry to hear your unhappiness. I usually watch movies which lift our spirits up or listen to uplifting music and lyrics. I hope you get the strength to go further. We are with you.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Good that you survived. Hope you get an opportunity to move to a peaceful place. I wish I were too in a place where we had everything we need is at walking distance and nobody has any transport.
  12. too bad, why do you say you are stuck?
  13. True. It appears that life is a sin of our (which) past
  14. Why doesnt global warming reduce the snow LoL
  15. WFH is not going to go in a short time. Its a new reality. Let us wake up to that. We are all minority here. Let us wish the majority well while we stand by our stance.
  16. Lets us observe the celebrations by detaching ourselves from that. Let us also wish them well and that they discover the silliness of the artificial world we have built around us.
  17. Its a profound thought you have discovered. We all do certain things out of peer pressure. We do not know why we are doing certain things/rituals/celebrations etc., It appears we are born in this world with no purpose, and depending on the society (country/locality) we are born at some purpose is thrust on us. A social structure sustains when people in that society follows those rules.
  18. Praying you get the strength to do what you wish for.
  19. I guess you can start writing your autobigraphy. You may start keeping a diary. Looking forward to read the draft of your work. I am sure there is more to learn from each of us for the future generations to come.
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