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  1. 4 years and there are leftovers. LoL. There is no use in cleaning our externals for the society which does not respect our inner self.
  2. Congrats nothing_man. Just go ahead without the baggage of the past.
  3. Failure is a perception. You could succeed in failing all the times!! and be happy with that.
  4. Hope you get a better job. Keep us posted.
  5. I agree with you 100%. The TV & movies are fantasies. They have very less connection with reality. The reality is within us and the external world is colored by our prejudices !!! We need to recognize and understand what is within us. We cannot change our daughters hand writing by changing the pen.
  6. mmm me too. We need not shave even when we need to face the public. We don't need appreciation from some one who cannot understand what is inside us. Would love to see ur unshaved face as it is and accept u as u r.
  7. I think of problems as opportunities to learn and it helps me.
  8. And I would assist Sober in doing the chores !!!
  9. Thats a lot of work. Hurray, Keep it up. The last two kitchen and hob are done by now I guess.
  10. I understand. We do not know what is in for us in the future. Hope we will have a better time tomorrow.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Atleast there is hope that we can get our chores done.
  12. True its difficult to explain. Trying to Articulate the experiences help.
  13. All days appear same without much difference. What about you?
  14. Some times all the days appear more difficult than the last.
  15. I know its hard to deal with it cherry. Praying that u will get well.
  16. Let us know what the estate agents response.
  17. I understand this feeling duck. I try not worrying about the failures
  18. You are right. It appears that people have lost the capacity to understand. Everyone in their own world. We don't seem to have a common goal towards which we can move together.
  19. Its ok bellerose. I try to hint indirectly what I need to say and try starting the conversation. Or I build a fictional story around it saying "Imagine If I want this from you ..."
  20. Sorry to hear that. What do you feel like?
  21. Glad to know. I found that minimizing our expectations from others reduces the anxiety.
  22. Praying that you will get the strength to lift u spirits up.
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