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  1. Hang on. Hope you get a good company.
  2. Good to hear that you feel good. We are all happy for you.
  3. Thats bad. I hope you get well soon.
  4. You should not cherryapplez, leave that job to others. We all like you here.
  5. I guess when I write this its morning for you. Good Morning.
  6. Yes one day at a time is the way ahead.
  7. Yes I understand. Once in a while these outburst come. This causes irreparable damage to the relations. I have been trying to remain silent and move myself away from such situations when I recognize it. This has helped me. We sometimes need to assert without getting angry.
  8. That's terrible. Only God doesn't sleep :))
  9. Atleast you are God to someone. I would be happy with that. :))
  10. Thats true all are interested in their own matters. Nobody really cares.
  11. It good that you came to know you aren't doing well. I think this is all that matters.
  12. This is peculiar. I thought we get hungry and eat.
  13. True, from the day we are born we near our death, but we dont sense this. Somewhere in between we are in peak physical and mental health. Then once the peak weans of we sense our death creeping towards. The reality is same, the perception changes.
  14. Right Nightjar, Leisure time are becoming a bore. Missing meeting friends and travelling around. Covid has made us paranoid and the media has helped that too. Glad to hear you could be around your family for some time.
  15. Sorry to hear your plight. I cannot believe that the doctor allowed you to work without treating ur psychologically.
  16. Wow, Epi an amazing insight. I just had a chance to look at it. Why did you stop writing? I hope you continue to give us ur insight.
  17. Any form of self expression helps. We some how need to come out of this "expectations" from the society to be appreciated. By being ourself and appreciating things/everyone around us helped me. They may not appreciate us back, since they may not have been sufficiently appreciated. When we see the world around us with empathy and expect the least back from it, helped me.
  18. Mind over genetics is what is need now. I hope you will continue ur efforts.
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