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  1. I guess we need to worry only about yourself and not worry that others worry about you.
  2. I hope the sleep will take away your anger. It usually does to me.
  3. You need to seek a Doctor at the earliest. This does not seem normal.
  4. There is nothing wrong with you. We all are probably in the same boar. You are truthful about how you feel. Many of us hide it. Better to be truthful than hide.
  5. Too bad. I hope you can lie down and sleep. Thats the best I would do.
  6. Yes there are times we feel this way. I am sure this will pass too.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are well now.
  8. I face this situation quite often. Picking the easiest one and finishing gives me a satisfaction. Unfortunately, the difficult ones always remain undone and I get depressed because of that. I console myself stating atleast I got the easier ones done.
  9. Why do you say so? Was is due to something that happened today?
  10. 4 meditation sessions in one night. What do you do get sleep?
  11. I would let the agent call to avoid appearing desperate. I hope you get a better deal.
  12. This is a very difficult situation. We all need to understand people around us will not be with us forever. We cannot do much to bring them back. I volunteered to serve people in need and this gave me a sense of purpose in life.
  13. I stopped expecting reactions from people around me and it helped. I joined volunteer groups who serve people who need help. This gave me a new inner strength and felt happier.
  14. You could also list what you love. I know its difficult to ignore what we don't like. I know its difficult to have people around who are in tune with our thoughts. I try speaking to the animals and plants around,
  15. Hang on. Hope you get a good company.
  16. Good to hear that you feel good. We are all happy for you.
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