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  1. Why do you say so? Was is due to something that happened today?
  2. 4 meditation sessions in one night. What do you do get sleep?
  3. I would let the agent call to avoid appearing desperate. I hope you get a better deal.
  4. This is a very difficult situation. We all need to understand people around us will not be with us forever. We cannot do much to bring them back. I volunteered to serve people in need and this gave me a sense of purpose in life.
  5. I stopped expecting reactions from people around me and it helped. I joined volunteer groups who serve people who need help. This gave me a new inner strength and felt happier.
  6. You could also list what you love. I know its difficult to ignore what we don't like. I know its difficult to have people around who are in tune with our thoughts. I try speaking to the animals and plants around,
  7. Hang on. Hope you get a good company.
  8. Good to hear that you feel good. We are all happy for you.
  9. Thats bad. I hope you get well soon.
  10. You should not cherryapplez, leave that job to others. We all like you here.
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