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  1. I am here for the same reasons if you would ever like to talk let me know used to be a member here a long time ago and it was a nice safe haven to talk to others going through similar issues hope all is well.
  2. Hard to put into words looking for advice/opinions on decisions and choices in a situation I was recently in.... it's put me where now I'm dealing with depression and high anxiety again in my life. I suffer from panic disorder and bipolar type 2. Preferably not wanting to write out what happened here but hoping I could direct message if not I understand. Just really looking for insight.
  3. If you are still active on this forums message me I do not mind talking in the slightest.
  4. I used to vape never... smoked though... The thing is it when you do vape it helps in that moment but the really bad problem about it is it gave me anxiety whenever I didn't have it or had withdrawals from vaping. I wouldn't recommend it makes you dependent on something that is not good for your health and is really expensive in the long term. I am struggling alot with depression and anxiety as well being able to talk helps but I'm also seeking guidance too.
  5. Wanted to just try and reach out... yearning to have new friends who also suffer similar issues and also looking for guidance. Have depression/bipolar type 2 and anxiety disorder have alot of anxiety attacks. Wanted to try and find a place of understanding and coping methods.
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