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  1. Dad's side of the family for support.They always have been there for me and never mistreated me at all.Both aunts knew something was way different with me.One was me going into their closet trying their heels on.Good thing is they knew I did not deserve the abuse he put me through.They stopped talking to him and learned he passed when I was 20 years old.
  2. Mom and I going the photo book of my life.She knew I was never like my twin brother growing up in life.Knew he was one of the masculine males and I was feminine.He was there too and said I will always be his twin sister in his life.Mom said I look better in a dress and heels and my brother agreed 100% with her.
  3. Wife and I doing laundry.She even said she got me something,a new pair of heels.Is supportive of me and sees me like any husband and told her I love them
  4. Discovering Holly was not easy at first.As young kid,I discovered the interest in female clothing at a young age.It included make up.This started when I was 8 years old.Did walk in a few pairs of mom's heels at times and mom didn't have a problem.Dad,I never did it around him a lot.He was not good to me at all,physically and verbally abused me including my half brother.Dad caught me wearing a dress when I was 13 and beat the crap out of me.Mom felt guilty not reporting it at first after telling her this.It was verbal abuse from my half brother too.Mom did finally report it with my dad and half brother arrested.were charged and convicted.Mom let me be me and knew I was not the masculine son letting me crossdress.Age 18,seen a gender specialist because mom and the school counselor were concerned.Opened up fighting when to dress as Holly at times and mom was there hearing it.Finally I was diagnosed with being genderfluid at age 18.Decided to stay dressed as Holly and mom saw me much happier.I am glad to have her in my life,she loves me for who I am
  5. Mom knew I always loved the female wardrobe a lot.Has been there for me a lot
  6. Great,mom and I went shopping since I needed new work clothes and she wanted a new dress.I was nice to her,I decided the dress she picked and told me thank you.Wanted to give back for supporting me being genderfluid and seeing I came out a much happier daughter.Bought me some new clothes too
  7. I did get justice for what my dad and half brother did to me too.Mom and I have a tight bond to this day now and she does not miss the younger son she had
  8. Hello,I am Holly and have anxiety and depression issues to this day from the abuse from dad.I am genderfluid and it came from dad beating the crap out of me after catching me wearing a dress at at 13.It was physical and verbal.It was from my half brother too.Mom was no help at first and felt guilty for not reporting it to me.I forgave her knowing she wanted to make things right.At age 18,I was diagnosed with being genderfluid and live a good life as Holly fulltime.Married to a supportive wife too whom has been there for me
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