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  1. I realize that there is only one lifetime for me and everyone else to live through, you don’t get second chances and it is important to make the most of it. I am 24, disabled and seem to have limited opportunities and little hope of a good future. It’s a thriving world out there and I feel like I am missing out. In general things are really bad for me. I often experience low motivation throughout the day and cannot focus on mentally challenging tasks for a long time. This has led me to have a really difficult time in school, and I fared poorly in high school and college. Then I got into drugs and spent time in jail. I really wish I could just study, focus and progress like normal people who go to university could but it is just out of my grasp. When I read about the biographies of extremely successful people like Bill Gates, Otto Von Bismark, Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, or Joe Biden I become deeply envious of them and wish I could make as much of an impact on the world during the single life I have. All of them went to study at university or training at some point and I never did. I wish I had the tools to become successful and experience fulfillment, but where I am now is just so limited and unfortunate. It seems that the indicators of potential success show up early on in someones life, some people seem to be naturally more driven, shrewd and capable than others, and I am not in this class. The only time I ever got good grades was during my time in middle school and it’s quite pathetic. Overall I long to make something of myself and to achieve something profound during the time I have, but it seems as though the doors are closing for me. Does anyone have any advice on how to work with what I got and become greater? Any help is much appreciated.
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