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  1. Hi everyone, can anyone of you genuinely help me to understand that vaping is effective against reducing the frequency of stress? It will be no less than an aid for me.
  2. Hi everyone, thanks to those who came forward and discussed it to the stretch where their knowledge permits. Is there anyone who wants to share something related to the question raised on this platform?
  3. Hi Everyone. I am new here. Hope i will gain some knowledge and awareness from this forum.
  4. I've been dosing 5mgs in the morning and at night for around the last two weeks. My anxiety, both general and social, has evaporated. I feel calm, cool, and collected. Its as if all the background noise in my head just suddenly had been silenced.
  5. Hola Ellie Rose, thanks for your reply. It's not important whether you are of any help or not. What matters is that such a question pinged and triggered to join the conversation and allowed me to understand your thought process on this issue. Yeah, somewhere you are right at your end as vaping is not effective for depressions.
  6. Hey csam, thanks for joining this conversation and letting me know you and your prospects about vaping for tackling depressions. You are partially right as nicotine being anxiolytic, and an antidepressant can somewhere help a bit. But, I guess we should confine using these products for reducing stress rather than considering it as a medicine.
  7. Any thoughts on how e-liquid or vape helps in depression and anxiety? Or it just worse the situation.
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