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  1. I know I deserve better but at the same time I'm feeling like I'm not going to find anyone. I've been trying dating apps because I really do want to get on with my life but I'm not exactly an attractive guy. I'm overweight and I feel like that's a real set back in today's quick dating scene. I want something real but I don't want to waste away looking for it or waiting for it. I'm a really family oriented kind of guy, I want biological kids of my own as I am the only one in my family who wants kids who can pass down the name and bloodline. I have a really good career going for myself but I feel like women my age are still in the party phase of their lives
  2. Well hello everyone, this is first time I've ever really aired my feelings in an even semi public environment but things have been extra rough as of late. I'm 24 yo and recently my fiance left me and took the kids. Neither of the kids are biologically mine but I have raised my daughter from birth. I went to every ultrasound and was even there to cut the cord. A few years later my fiance cheated on me and became pregnant with my stepson whom I love very much. I just bought a house last year in the suburbs to provide them a safe environment to grow and play. I love my family. Since their mother left I've had to pick up a lot of overtime at work to afford all the bills. I'm working 6 days a week with my only off day being during the week when the kids are at school. I'm only getting to see them a few hours a week and it's tearing me apart. I feel like I'm failing these kids. I feel like I couldn't make their mother happy so now I'm losing everything. It feels like there's almost no point in carrying on. I'm physically and emotionally drained. Their mom has already moved on with her life and seeing someone new and as happy as I am that she has found someone I feel so incredibly replaceable.I feel like I was used as a safety net for her to get her life together just to go and leave. I haven't had a good day in a long time and I really don't know how much more I can take. Life feels so lonely and no one in my life deserves to have to help me through it so I just keep my mouth shut and try to carry on.I guess I just need help seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
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