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  1. I had discussed about ketmaine also but all of them told the fluoxetine in iran doesnt have the quality to effect you good and after months u just feel the side effects not the result.. The fluoxetine were not bad at all but its was good just for couple of times For example in the 2nd priod it worked great about 4 months but after that it had started showing more side effects and its effect was less and aide effects more.. the only things that worked on me but for just a couple of time not at all...
  2. I had sterted fluoxetine when i was about 24 years old and now im about 29 ! I had lost many things in my life cuse of depressant effects like my love some of my firends my job and many that had tried hard for all of them in years... It had spoiled my life my educations... I tried hard against it i did my best but im in a Deadend right now that searching looking to find a way to find a way to get a normal life...
  3. Hello guys im new here and hope all of you be good and got best result against depressant Im sorry for my bad english i hope you undrstand what i want to say i was trying to find some solution in internet for my depressant that work I had used genereic feluoxetine in tow priods but they were not effected as i and my doctor expected he used it was good for first months about 6 months in first priod but after that everything came back as first doctor tried some combinations and changed my andtidepressants but nothing was as better than fluoxetine for me so he tried to increase dosage but not effected better so he told me back to 20ml i had used it for 3 years in first period in 3 years i but all of the depressant effects got back again to me step by step in everymonths and i got forgetness and many side effects a using of fluoxetine i had tried many other and great doctors here but no luck then i had stopped having it because of many side effects and hopped to find a way but it made me more depress than before i had started it after 6 months as doctor advised me fluoxetine again but the same result then stopped after 1 year because of some effects on my dpressant and many side effects that doctor told me you should stop this and use prozac brand of flouxetine to not get many side effects and get good results but i couldnt find it in market i had tried alote but no luck Im living in iran and as doctor said the feluoxetines here have not good quality and you should find prozac or any high quality and brand from outside brands Its hard to find here or order online because of some sanctions im getting in trouble everyday for my depressant and anxiety and stopped it from 3 months ago Please friends if you can find me or send me prozacs or any good brand of felouxetine that get less side effects to prove me and help me get better i will be thankfull to everyone and there is no limit or sanction for sending it to iran But the problem for me is buying and ordering that i couldnt find any way Thanks to all friend and hope..
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