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  1. I found that humane people get angry for two reasons. They are either there is an injustice or there is a violation. And I think that this is because in both cases we may need the extra energy we get with anger. We might have to take a firm stance against the injustice or we might need to fight back against some violation. To overcome the anger I believe it is necessary to address the issue that gives rise to the anger. If we don't address the issue it is hard not to be angry.
  2. Maybe the chronic pain is the source of the problem. What is the chronic pain? Can you talk about it?
  3. If she turned out to be a very different person to what appeared at first then it is very possible that she is inhumane and is the source of your problems now. So you haven't lost anything really. Of course it could also be someone else who knows of the break up and your distress over it and is using it against you, but I think she sounds like the source of your problem. The psychiatric and psychological establishment treat all ideas as created in your brain, but are they. The experiments on ESP and telepathy have been done and continue to be done double blinded. That means no related subjects are used. Without relationship there is no real telepathy. The ideas that are hurting you are not your own thinking This is the source of the problem. Our own thinking carries our authority, which is why we react to them. Once we realize the hurtful ideas appearing as intrusive thoughts or memories of some past trauma are not our own thinking, then they have no authority. They are bogus. You can discard them and walk away free regardless of the underhanded foul game play.
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