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  1. Can anyone please advise me on a cross-taper off Cymbalta using Zoloft? I am currently tapering and experiencing really bad anxiety, depression, headaches, some dizziness and generally feeling unwell physically and mentally. I don’t know if it is from Cymbalta withdrawal or Zoloft onset. I am suffering. A bit of history: Zoloft 50mg /Effexor 37.5mg combo worked wonders for 2 years for me, then suddenly pooped out. I also developed loud tinnitus at the same time. My Dr. prescribed 60mg Cymbalta which I titrated onto and took for 11 weeks . I experienced increased anxiety and fatigue and only slight depression relief. An advised increase to 80mg made anxiety shoot through the roof with rapid pulse etc. Dr. advised me to return to 60mg. I gave it more time and decided, nope. I want off. I asked Dr for Prozac to aid in a cross taper. He chose Zoloft 50mg instead and told me to taper down to cymbalta 20mg over 2 weeks then stop taking Cymbalta. From reading about withdrawals others experienced I refused to do such a fast taper. I tapered from 60mg to 20mg as advised, then 10mg for a week, then 5mg for a week (30 beads) with the bead count method. I have prepared capsules with 23, 15, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 beads in supplies of 7 capssules (a week each). I hope to wean off Zoloft after that and try holistic methods. I have read advice to take 10% reductions and keep it there for a month before tapering another 10%. That is an incredibly slow taper! I’ve also read that Zoloft and Cymbalta should never be taken at the same time! What / who to believe? Please share your knowledge or experiences with me on tapering or cross tapering safely and or successfully off of Cymbalta. I really appreciate this needed help. Thank you sincerely!
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