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  1. True. Maybe I'll do some karaoke on my own in order to let it out. Or scream into a pillow. I don't want to frighten my roommate haha I appreciate that. Thank you.
  2. Today? Bad. I want to stand in the middle of a meadow - alone - surrounded by wilderness, and just. Scream.
  3. Goodnight. Here's to hoping that we find moments of peace and comfort tomorrow.
  4. Totally get that - being nonverbal during therapy. It often felt like I was dragging my own self to say the words I wanted to say past a wall in my mind, most likely from my upbringing. The fact that you found a therapist like that inspires a bit of hope that I might be able to find the right fit someday - that's mainly what's stopping me from seeking one out right now: all of the therapists I've had in the past just weren't the right fit. They just didn't seem to Get It. Or try to Get It. And they used that sickly sweet happy voice that I absolutely disdain. I went on a bit of rant there. Anyway... I harbor strong doubts that I will find the right therapist for multiple reasons. But I did settle for the first one I was matched with each time... I need to start the search again and make sure not to settle for the first one I find if they don't feel like a good fit. Thank you for that realization.
  5. I've found it helpful to be in the presence of a person who has either been through this, or is going through this now, especially when the two of you can sit in the silent understanding that words aren't enough at times.
  6. Fairly bad. Been waking up from disturbing nightmares the past few days. Like, dude - brain - could I please get some rest in my unconscious hours?
  7. At home when nobody is around, nature, and my imagination. I used to frequent a specific classroom in high school after hours, and it used to be a sanctuary - too bad that the pace of time makes that place, with its specific context, impossible to visit now. But it was nice for what it was when it existed. Might make the local library a sanctuary, I've been delaying a visit
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