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  1. @trendinginthedarkness HOW DO I REACH OUT TO YOU? Please!!! This is EXACTLY word for word what is happening to me. I am still crying from last night. You described it better than I could. - 40 mg - ran out and didn’t take one last night, happened before when I didn’t take one too - the extremely uncomfortable electrical buzz feeling multiple times as the sleep paralysis is starting and almost being able to predict it because of the buzz I can only compare to the buzz you feel when you’re too high from marijuana - the shocking awake - it happening 10+ times in one night - the dreams that are MORE THAN VIVID THEY ARE REAL!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know how to explain it and REALLY BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING AND I REMEMBER MOST OF THEM FROM START TO FINISH AND THINGS I SAID AND DID I’m starting to believe these things are real
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