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  1. Ok... good question... Dexamphetamine has been amazing for depression. Makes me feel happy, motivated, social etc. I can't say enough about it WHEN you are on it. The downside.... when you come off its like your soul has been ripped out of you... flat, depressed, no zest for life, no spark, just sad and empty... (How long that lasts before u recover/or do you recover I don't know...longest Ive gone without it isa week. ) just how I feel if I stop taking it or when it leaves my system. I was described it for add but it definitely makes me feel happy when it kicks in and improves my quality of life. I just hate how I feel without it. I worry it permanently damages dopamine receptors etc.
  2. Hi, I would like to hear from anyone that takes Wellbuturin with their stimulant medication... how do you find it..is it a good combo??? I'm on dexamphetamine for my adhd. It has been amazing in terms of focus, motivation, social anxiety etc. I only take a small amount int he morning because it messes with my sleep too much. The problem is if I don't take it or when it is leaving my system I feel severely depressed and flat and zero desire for anything.... completely blunt. It was suggested to take Wellbutrin once a day with it. Thoughts on this? Thank you
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