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  1. It's an exhausting cycle. You're right, it'll get better, but sometimes knowing that doesn't necessarily make the present situation better--for me anyway. Feeling "out of it" is unsettling. I mean, I'm an adult. I'm supposed to have it together, right? The cause of it for me is ADHD though, not OCD. I get overwhelmed and just sort of check out. The most success I've ever had with changing my negative thoughts was when I was working with an ADHD coach. It was expensive so I couldn't continue on forever. But what was great about it was having accountability all week. She allowed clients to text, email, and call her between sessions. That was very different from how a traditional therapist works. I wish I had someone in my life who was willing to be like that coach and check in regularly because it seems like I would need to work on it daily for a very long time for it to ever become a habit, IF ever. I guess I never really asked anyone. I assume no one would want to do it. My coach always said that coaching others helped her work through her own stuff. Sometimes I think about becoming a coach so that helping others all day would be like coaching myself. Oops, I'm rambling . ADHD. Anyway, I hope you get some relief soon. You're not alone
  2. Metaphors. Hmm I'm going to need some examples. Not like drowning in sorrow, right?? Gimme a clever and powerful metaphor to read in the morning:)
  3. Thank you! That's my shadow, Riley. She definitely keeps me moving, beginning with insisting that I get out of bed for breakfast and a walk. I'll probably always need a furry alarm
  4. Hi there, I took Wellbutrin for about three months along with Adderall. Personally, I couldn't get past one of the the side effects. Wellbutrin caused terrible tinnitus for me which was somewhat rare. While my experience isn't very helpful, I've had several people tell me they've had success with Wellbutrin and I think it'd be worth a try. I hope you find a combo that balances your system:)
  5. This is similar to my current situation. I've always been a person who has a few close friends instead of lots of not-so-close friends. During the pandemic, though, I was really bad about keeping in touch with people. To be honest, I embraced the excuse to stay home and be alone. Now that life is (sort of) getting back to normal, I find myself to be pretty alone. I get how you feel about downtime, too. Staying busy during the day is good, but then at night it's like all I have is Netflix I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Hi, I'm new. I've had anxiety since I was a small child, then came depression. I was also diagnosed with ADHD late in life. I don't like unloading on my friends often, so I was hoping that more regular discussion in a forum like this would help me to regulate my emotions more instead of letting everything build and then dumping it all on a friend. So yeah, hoping to find others who relate.
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