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  1. I have just started taking it. It’s DMX with an added agent to keep DMX from quickly converting into its metabolite, which is very poorly crosses into the brain and does not have all the same properties as DMX. DMX (and Nuedexa) is an NMDA antagonist and sigma1 agonist just like Ketamine, although this one does a bunch of additional things, which may be less prominent, but still. I just wonder whether it’s dose indicated for PBA is sufficient enough for causing dendritic spines growth on neurons as what Ketamine does, because it is this very effect that very potently promotes neuroplasticity, i.e., speaking in the simple terms, what’s broke and causing Anhedonia could grow around and create new neural connections. (Although Ketamine may also work by acting on NMDA and sigma1 receptors directly, or in some other ways, which are not yet discovered). Have you tried Nuedexa? Did it help any for you? If so, what dose were you on?
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