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  1. It's a very difficult mental situation for experience, takes time to overcome!
  2. Hi Amaya, I'm so sorry you are having a really bad time. In my life, depression hit me hard 2 years back after a divorce. I often felt my life was over and has turned meaningless. I was always moody and in grief, anxiety took control over my life. I hardly could see any light at the end of the tunnel. It was the worst phase of my life and I preferred staying away from people and in my sorrows. My parents couldn't stand me this low, one day my sister called and suggested to consult a friend of hers, who is a therapist. Due to my sister's constant pressure, I went to see the doctor for therapy Initially, I didn't know what to say but later I ended up pouring my sorrows out, he was so gentle and listened patiently for hours. Later I could sleep that day peacefully. I understood all I needed was someone who cared to listen to me and give me hope. I started attending sessions under the doctor, Slowly it started to show little signs of progress in my personal life. Therefore I suggest you seek help, it can help you in many ways to lead a better life. I can truly relate and feel your pain and sincerely wish to see you heal.
  3. I pray that don't have to stay seperated and be happy around her. God bless you both
  4. Has she ever talked with you? Its equally important to find the root cause. I believe care and affection can help her along with therapy. Take care
  5. This is so ridiculous and Iam soo sorry for you!!! Please take care.
  6. Hi, even when Iam surrounded by people around, Iam soo lonely. Deep down I have no one who really cares for me. People just come and go, I somehow survive life.
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