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    reading, weight lifting, walking at night and listening to music. I've never traveled much, but I love the idea.

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  1. Thanks for some kind words Epictetus and Sober4life.
  2. I have no friends, I used to at some point. I used to have a lot, and then I just stopped having friends. Anytime I see people making plans together in front of me, it kinda makes me tear up because I know that I could never have that. I go through bouts of social anxiety which makes it difficult to befriend people in the first place, and then when I'm really depressed I lose a lot of friends because I can't get the energy to reach out to anyone. I think I just come off as socially inept most the time or like I have something wrong with me, especially when I'm in my highs. It doesn't always bother me because I work a lot and I'm in college, but when I have more downtime, I notice how I have no one. I think I'm just going to move and start over with a fresh start, I hate the state I'm in. I'm just venting.
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