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  1. My device won't work anymore. So, I'm pissed. I'll have to find a way for getting student work done somehow this year. My country is controlled by tyrannical elites who are attacking free speech, freedom of thought, and laws that protect lower class people from neofeudalistic slavery. Which is why I'm thinking about escaping my country permanently and denouncing citizenship to gain citizen status elsewhere safer. COVID restrictions are making that a pain to do. Also, I'll have to work for financial stability. Because that'll be required when becoming a citizen by nationality. Sigh. I hate how politicians make it hard for immigrants to become citizens, especially ones who have learning or physical conditions. Some people are really slow at learning different languages for example.
  2. There are reasons why people take showers or bathe usually. It's because smelling nice makes normal people want to date you. Well, a normal person usually wants to date someone who is intelligent, nice, funny, financially secure, smelling pleasantly, and/or physically attractive. Also, smelling nice makes employers more likely to hire you. Smelling nice makes people feel at ease around you to some extent. Otherwise, your survival instinct is likely going to make you clean your body eventually anyway. Even though there are people who have issues like depression, smelling stinky is normally an unpleasant experience. They build up whatever motivation to maintain their hygiene. Because they live in a society with standards. A society with people who judge others. Your hygiene can make the people guess how much wealth you have. Which is why normal people take care of their hygiene.
  3. Everyone would have to be on arguably boring diets to really be healthy 100%. But some food and drug business owners wouldn't like that if no one buys and consumes their products. There would be people who wouldn't like that because they want a variety of foods to eat.
  4. People are complex. That applies to their bodies' functions, too. Keto diet, Atkins diet, NutriSystem diet, Weight Watchers diet, Jenny Craig diet, etc. All of those diets are nothing but distractions from what your body really needs. We are not designed to handle alcohol properly nor eat specific things that get sold as foods. But those are not really foods. They make your body get sick by malfunctioning gradually. Pharmaceutical companies that are controlled by greedy conmen like when you get sick. Especially when your sickness causes you to buy drugs. Money is what those greedy conmen are after. Unfortunately, morally depraved elites have been controlling education systems that indoctrinate children internationally. Global obesity, diabates, celiac disease symptoms, lactose intolerance symptoms, infertility, miscarriages, hormonal imbalance, and other forms of body malfunctioning have risen as a result. Pregnant females have poisoned their fetuses with smoking, "foods", alcohol, drugs, and unhealthy beverages that caused children to have mental disorders, health disorders, and physical disorders for the rest of their lives. Greed has corrupted people's potential to be healthy. Amoral capitalism controlled by morally depraved elites want to keep you unhealthy through emotional manipulation to make your money be spent on pharmeceutical company drugs, "foods", alcohol, etc. In order to become healthy and save money instead of letting those elites be much wealthier than you while exploiting your body, you must deprogram yourself from greed and impulsive consumption. Here are what you should avoid for your health as much as possible: corn, grains except for rice, dairy, refined sugar, monosodium glutamate, specific food coloring, deli meats with little nutrition, hot dogs, spicy foods that burn your throat, hormone-injected meats, meats from grain-fed animals, farm-raised seafood, seafood with the most mercury, alcohol, soda beverages, fruit juice, dried fruits, candies, too much Omega-6, vegetable oil, nut oil, shortening, margarine, and too much caffeine from coffee beans and cocoa beans. Corn makes you have hormonal imbalance and a malfunctioning digestive system that creates excessive weight gain. Grains cause hormonal imbalance except for rice. Grains also cause celiac disease for some people except for rice. Dairy causes skin inflammation and aging. Dairy also causes lactose intolerance for some people. Refined sugar causes chemical corruption in the brain, which triggers mood swings depending on how much refined sugar is consumed. Also, refined sugar harms teeth. Monosodium glutmate causes hormonal imbalance and tricks the brain into thinking the food tastes good. Specific food coloring causes the brain to malfunction. Not all food coloring do this, though. Deli meats with little nutrition are equivalent to junk food. Hormone-injected meats usually have more fat than meat that prevents the body from feeling full more quickly. Grain-fed animals are usually sick and have more fat than meat, so their meats have less nutritional value in regards to protein from lean meat. Farm-raised seafood usually has less nutritional value than wild-caught seafood. Mercury causes corruption in the body, so seafood with the least amount of mercury is healthier. Alcohol dehydrates the body causing it to age quicker. It causes the higher likelihood of a damaged throat permanently causing a raspy voice and causes a higher likelihood of liver cancer depending on how much alcohol is consumed. Also, alcohol automatically corrupts the brain chemicals when consumed, which triggers depression and impulsive behavior to whatever extent. Soda beverages harm teeth, brain chemicals, and a person's metabolism resulting in excessive weight gain regardless if they are diet soda beverages or not. Fruit juice is much less healthy than raw fruits in regards to sugar intake and tooth health. So, fruit juice makes it harder to lose weight. Dried fruits have less nutritional value than raw fruits. Dried fruits usually have more sugar than raw fruits causing them to make it harder to lose weight. Candies harm brain chemicals and tooth health while making it harder to lose weight. Nuts and other things with Omega-6 cause unhealthy inflammation when they are consumed excessively. Vegetable oil disrupts the hormonal cycle in your body and makes it harder for you to lose weight. Nut oil that is used for frying foods also disrupts the hormonal cycle and makes it harder for one to lose weight. Shortening does the same thing that nut oil and vegetable oil do. Margarine is equivalent to borderline plastic butter that makes it harder for you to lose weight and clogs your body with unhealthy fat. Caffeine from coffee beans and cocoa beans causes chemical imbalance in the brain and body despite it can wake you up in the morning. So, it's best to consume it in moderation to prevent jitters, seizures, lack of concentration, etc. Humans' bodies process organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic nuts, gluten-free rice, meats from healthily fed animals that weren't injected with hormones, wild caught seafood with the least mercury, non-chemical water, spices, and herbs the best on average although there are people who are allergic to vegetables, fruits, nuts, rice, red meat, and specific seafood. America has it the worst when poisoning people with "foods" and poisonous drinks that harm their health. It has caused unborn children from America to have lower I.Q.s, mental disorders, health disorders, physical disorders, higher likelihood of infertility, and higher likelihood of potential miscarriages when they become adults for the rest of their lives. Then, there is air pollution caused by industrialization, wars, and drilling holes into Earth's crust for profitable metals and oil.
  5. The thought of people smelling a stinky me is unacceptable. Despite my issues, I can't fathom myself not showering less than 2 days.
  6. Humans have engendered advanced technology for their self-interests. It has, however, spawned the emergence of introversion. Normalizing introverted recreations and occupations, such as engineering, video game development, watching televised programs, and so forth helped an increasing amount of introverts to exist. Individuals had decreased incentives to go outside and socialize. Because modernized technologies were satisfying their needs more quickly. Extroversion had become depopularized consequentially. You want to know why singers had broadened vocal ranges and entertainers were very emotionally expressive decades ago? Because extroversion was more popular while people were heavily dependent on each other socially to get resources. So, they were building the skill of charisma to help themselves gain resources from people for survival. Now, people are less inclined to build the skill of charisma. Because modernized technologies give them resources more easily. Modernized technologies have made younger generations become spoiled, lazy, less willing to build their charisma, limited vocally for singing, more introverted, etc.
  7. Black comedy that's not rated PG-13. Also, non-human animals rarely make me laugh. Jokes that go over the heads of easily offended Karens make me laugh. South Park, Daniel Tosh, Monty Python, isaacwhy from YouTube, and DashieGames from YouTube all make me laugh. Sometimes Timmy Takeout from YouTube makes me laugh when he does Oona Gardenia skits.
  8. 1. Video gaming laptop. 2. Mansion that has high-end technology. 3. Fancy truck. 4. An entire forest with a big lake where it's warm, so I can exercise and grill food in private. I might as well be Bruce Wayne at this point.
  9. Watched Beverly Hills Cop. I found it to be mediocre. That film was also very ordinary to me. Actors, writers, or the director was doing a questionable job at making it. Because Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson was way more polished.
  10. The people don't like you because they've been indoctrinated since birth to follow rules in their societies without very much critical thinking and questioning authority. Or they seem to not like you because their facades exist. Because some people will be dishonest for money, power, etc. Other people will lie in your face so they don't become shunned from their families or friends. I know that a person could get into an abusive relationship where their significant other tells them who they can and cannot be friends with. So, that abused person seems like they don't like some people because of their abusive significant other. Most people have average intelligence and tend to cut corners in a short-sighted way. It's hard to make them wake up, especially when they're older. Old habits are harder to replace. You have a smaller population of people who have high intelligence that don't fit in with society unless they put on facades. Because society is designed to make predictable people. High intelligence is positively correlated with rebellious thinkers who question authority. Which is a gift in my opinion even if society makes it seem like some burden. Sadly, society has always been controlled by elites who oppress freethinking intellectuals. Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Socrates, Martin Luther King Jr, whistleblowers, outspoken journalists, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and other people have been shunned, imprisoned, and/or killed. Because elites want to keep their puppets brainwashed and subordinated. Good luck trying to find someone who's your equal.
  11. Me, too. Except I fail at crying anymore because of trauma. But yeah. I feel this life of mine is too much. There are only nightmares when I'm asleep. People piss me off. Elites are making the world burn with oppressive censorship including oligarchic totalitarianism supported by military terrorism. Wars still happen. Nobody has made me feel hope for humanity. All of my wants aren't practical. My vision for a better world conflicts with that inner demon inside of me. So, I question myself. What good enough reason makes me wake up? What good enough reason makes me put on a smile? What good enough reason makes me not end it all?
  12. That's the burden of intelligence and not trusting people easily, I guess.
  13. Twitter is controlled by an elitist group of people who control popular media platforms, such as Facebook, and other businesses. They do this to have exclusive control of the internet entirely almost. It's to keep elites wealthier while keeping average people subordinated. Which is why I don't trust popular media platforms like Twitter. Don't expect them to care about your maddening experience. They've successfully ruined the internet to some extent. Hence, the golden age of internet is over.
  14. For example, there are men who fit the category of psychopathy because they were psychopaths before birth. They can't get out of that category unless there is invented technology to get rid of psychopathy. Now for another example, there are men who fit the optional category of liking music because they like listening to songs. They could choose to like music or not.
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