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  1. Yeah, he was one of those rare actors who was very multiskilled with creativity. He wasn't paid to be smart. Because he didn't need money to become smart. Also, Jack Nicholson was a successful theatre performer without needing cameras nor video editing. Which shows his powerful ability to get things done with great workmanship. Jack Nicholson was actually challenging instead of being another degraded sex object selling mediocre films or shows.
  2. I'm an introvert with A.D.D. where my attention gets sent to a rabbit hole in this mind of mine. People confuse introverted A.D.D. with shyness. When in actuality, it's just my mind distracting me from having conversations with people.
  3. Twitter wasn't a platform I particularly liked. 140 characters is not enough for me. Nor is 280 characters enough for me. Which is why I liked Facebook until that platform became Orwellian in nature. I wonder who invented the wonderful internet and why they did that. Because I'm wondering if a clever formation of elites used brilliant guinea pigs to create it. Which makes me cynically wonder if the internet was an invented and implemented ploy to allow elites ultimate power over their servants. Servitude has become normalised through obedient workers and consumers that impulsively purchase whatever the elites put down their gullets internationally. Flat Earth dogma, petty vaccination status drama, feminazis, snowflakes, virtue signalling, topics such as racism, and other lovely things have been exacerbated due to social media online. I have a feeling that's due to the people being poorly educated, wilfully ignorant, too emotional to think critically that prevents careful decision-making for efficient consquences without backfires, and whatever else. Jack Nicholson sold his soul to military terrorism before becoming discharged, Hollywood before retiring from acting, and Bernie Sanders who is a war machine promoter to help America put military bases in poor countries to keep them poor while using military terrorism to rape, torture, ki||, and steal from invaded middle eastern countries for profitable oil that's causing dangerous earthquakes and hurricanes from drilled holes into Earth's crust to get oil. Jack Nicholson is smart. But he's another sellout for cut-throat corporations to help the elites.
  4. Most people have been trained to be odedient workers at their workplaces and impulsive consumers while being sold illusions of freedom or "great" opportunities. They're usually born with disorders and/or average I.Q.s that can hinder a successful live. American society has a very greedy culture of moral depravity with a lack of self-control. It is why health disorders and lower I.Q.s are existing in America. There are biological mothers from America that give their unborn children poisonous junk foods, poisonous junk drinks, air pollution, water pollution, and inherited disorders, which causes a lower quality of life in regards to health and I.Q. The elites are conditioning Americans kind of like how the Nazis conditioned the Germans. The Nazis made sure that Germany was a country with police fearmongering with cops who are too stupid to question authority, media propaganda, dumbed down education systems to prevent rebellious thinkers with high creativity who question authority, religious fearmongering, oligarchic government, surveillance to spy on citizens to keep them brainwashed and subordinated, military terrorism, and so forth. The elites who own America are doing what Nazis did without causing Jew genocide. Which is why violence, anti-intellectualism, a rigged voting system, and corporate abuse against the people's will have become normalised in America. Even the elites who own America are causing economic strangleholds in poor countries to keep those poor countries poor with puppet rulers that normalise drugs, crime, poverty, lack of quality education, lack of affordable quality healthcare with honest doctors, and so forth to keep the poor countries' citizens distracted from real power to get out of their misery that the elites caused.
  5. Also, therapists actually did their jobs better internationally many decades ago before morally depraved elites started controlling the pharmeceutical industry, the for-profit prison industry, media companies, food businesses, water supply, health insurance, and other things. Now, the "therapists" are pawns for predatory elites to exploit lower class people with mental health problems. Low and middle class people get dishonest doctors, expensive healthcare, so-called therapists, drugs that don't solve root(s) of people's problem(s), food pollution, water pollution, air pollution, decreased employee benefits, decreased health insurance benefits, dehumanised and abused prisoners, etc. Global obesity, depression, anxiety, suicide rates, crime, poverty, and other things have increased in the countries because of political and cultural corruption caused by morally depraved elites that are demonically greedy. Some civilisations have collapsed as a result. Some of the European countries are trying to not walk in the footsteps that cause civilisation collapse, though.
  6. I've always been cynical about "therapists" who work in America and some other countries. There are "therapists" who are shills to the pharmaceutical industry. They'll act kind of "helpful" in the beginning, but then you're becoming more like a guinea pig for profit rather than having root(s) of your problem(s) fixed unless you pay enough money without insurance. Upper class people from some countries like America get the best treatments for their problem(s) because of wealth while others suffer with dishonesty, for example, from not having enough money.
  7. I could try to help people here. Although, I'm not highly trained nor certified. Depression Forums has made it easier for me to find people for socialising. Maybe we ought to help each other out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Frustratingly realising international elites are making the world burn with planned obsolescence, Orwellian online surveillance, totalitarian censorship, military terrorism, indoctrination institutions disguised as schools for children, water pollution causing infertility/miscarriages/hormonal imbalance, air pollution causing a threat to the ecosystem, food pollution causing infertility/miscarriages/hormonal imbalance/obesity/sickness, drug addiction, gambling addiction, religious fearmongering, police fearmongering, the for-profit prison industry, youth-corrupting media, slave wages, elitist tax evasions, and debt bondage to prevent low/middle class people from owning property and businesses easily, especially women from the middle/low classes. Hating how the international elites are corrupting and/or destroying people's genes, D.N.A, moral integrity, conscience, self-control, psychological stability, and ability to think for themselves like critical thinkers. Realising that common sense, self-control, moral integrity, a strong conscience, family values, online privacy, free speech, gun rights, freedom of thought, reliable products that last long and run smoothly, environmentalism, and human rights in general are becoming a joke for younger generations in the future. So, I will expect dumpster fire societies including the decrease of intelligence and charisma from younger people years from now.
  9. Getting tired of this world I live in. Feel like the online world has become more like China in regards to anti-intellectualism, totalitarian censorship, anti-V.P.N. social websites preventing anonymity that prevents protecting online privacy, Orwellian requirement of phone number or non-disposable email verification, and so forth. Don't feel like younger generations will understand the feeling of psychological stability, good health, free speech, intellectual freedom, online privacy power, and being able to fight against brainwashing government authorities that cause dehumanising oppression. Getting tired of the sweatshop Amazon empire buying companies causing layoffs with limited creative freedom while limiting American people's job opportunities in regards to high-paying jobs from company merging. Oligarchic patriarchy is so lovely... not.
  10. Damn... Good luck in the future. You could decide if your marriage with that self-loving spouse of yours is worth it in the end. One could hope things get better for you.
  11. Hey, I decided to make this post. Just wanna let people know I didn't ask to be born into this world. Because I wish depression and other crap didn't exist. Especially since I want peace. I'm an emotional wreck. Also, I hate myself because of my flawed nature. Which is why I come here to be pathetic by venting. My life sucks because I would rather question authority and not be a victim of lies instead of being wilfully ignorant to harsh reality. It makes me cynically have a hard time making friends. Because I want to have intelligent friends who have moral integrity that are trustworthy.
  12. I'm a new member here. Just exploring these Depression Forums forums to see if I like it here.
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