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  1. I hope you don't have any more bad dreams! --- I'm feeling drowsy but otherwise okay.
  2. I'm grateful I had some good conversations yesterday. I'm grateful it looks like I will have a relaxing weekend. I'm grateful for my sense of humor.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this! Remember it is not your fault, she has the issue and not you. I hope you don't have to live with her for too long.
  4. I journal almost everyday. I find it to a be a helpful way to process things.
  5. I take Geodon but mainly for paranoia. It doesn't really seem to help my depression. It seems to make me hungry but otherwise no side effects.
  6. That a delivery got here sooner than expected.
  7. 1. I'm grateful there are some nice parks near my house. 2. I'm grateful Ativan seems to be helping me (I recently switched from Xanax). 3. I'm grateful my toothache seems to be going away.
  8. I'm just feeling a bit anxious at the moment. I had a nightmare related to my PTSD and also in the nightmare I was bitten by a venomous spider. I know it was just a dream but still feeling a bit shook up.
  9. I heard back from the lady in charge, apparently she was just on vacation and nothing is wrong. What a relief! Thanks again everyone for the support.
  10. That I really don't want to be productive today but I have no choice
  11. There's a lotion I got a free sample of that smelled really good. I went to order some but it was out of stock. I'm hoping it's back soon so I can get some.
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