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  1. Hi all, My doctor just increased my prozac dosage from 40mg to 80mg twice a day, when will i feel the benefits of the upped dosage? And has anyone here been on 80mgs of Prozac? How did you feel on it? Thank you
  2. Last night I took 7.5 mg and I haven’t had the best sleep but it was okay. I think I’ll do the same tonight and then cut it off completely. I take melatonin for sleep and it helps a little but it’s not a strong sleeping pill but it helps.
  3. I have been on 30 mg remeron for 2 months and I wanna stop. Last night I took 15 mg and today I feel tired, headache, can’t concentrate, and no appetite and I feel generally tired. how long will this last and when can I stop completely? anyone quit this medication before? What are your experiences? i feel terrible and don’t know what to do...
  4. Thank you sming unfortunately, Trazodone is discontinued in my country I used to take it and it helped a lot. Currently I take remeron it makes me sleep but I’m gaining so much weight that I’m thinking about stopping it. im very depressed and confused.
  5. When did you notice remeron is working? It’s been a week and I sleep better but no effect on depression. I’m on 30 mgs. how long should I give it? thanks
  6. I understand about not wanting to gain weight so I won’t sleep good, for me maximum 3 hours. But I’ll wait it out and see what happens and weigh the positives and negatives of taking the pill then decide. I’ll try to find the energy and motivation to exercise and eat healthy and see what happens. Remeron also helps depression a lot so it’s a tough call.
  7. Hi all, Im taking 30 mg remeron at night which helps me sleep really good but the increased hunger is too much! And I’m trying to lose some weight. Anyone manage to lose weight while taking this? If yes, how? What can I do to lose weight while being hungry all the time, it seems impossible. I need to hear some positive experiences, at least maintain my weight? I’m so confused and sad. what are your experiences? please help!!
  8. Congrats on your sobriety. I’ve been clean 13 months and it’s a daily battle. Have you taken remeron before? I started it last night again and slept like a baby but I’m so scared f the weight gain. Don’t know what to do. Anyway, hope You’re good.
  9. I go for a swim or play my guitar this always makes me feel better.
  10. I honestly don’t feel good at all. I feel dead inside and depressed and so numb. Sometimes I wish I could feel something even sadness, I just don’t and it’s bad. I keep hoping for a change but nothing happens. I guess I’m waiting for something that will never come because I’m a very dependent person. Hope everyone is doing good. peace and love
  11. I know it’s non of my business but I can’t help it ask ( cause of your nick) how long have you been sober and from what? I have a problem also and I’ve been sober and clean. anyway, I’ll take the melatonin cause I have no other choice. I used to take trazodone but it’s discontinued in my country of residence so it sucks.
  12. I take melatonin 10 mgs at night but it doesn’t make me sleep. How much do you take?
  13. Hi almost all meds I tried for sleep make me gain weight what meds can I use for insomnia that don’t cause that? i take cymbalta in the morning 60 mgs for depression and it helps me but I’ve had sleep issues for years. I tried remeron, seroquel, etc and they all make me gain weight. please help
  14. I took it for a month and I was gaining so much weight and felt so bloated I had to stop even though it was helping me. you have to weigh pros and cons, but I wanna be slim being fat makes me more depressed.
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