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  1. Thats so good to hear! Congratulations! Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Would love to hear a follow up. did you go yesterday? How do you feel? Good luck!
  3. no joy, did you find a medication that works for you? Have you been feeling better as a result of the information you received from your test?
  4. hoping to hear a good update. Im experiencing something similar. was on Zoloft but it stopped working during covid. Changed to Pristiq which seemed to be working but the last month or so I've slipped back into slightly depressed/tired to now anxious, ruminating thoughts, body pain/tension. Seeing the doc next week. looking forward to your updates...
  5. Hi Im new to this site but am experiencing something similar and am wondering if you have found relief? im struggling to find long term relief from any medication at the moment as well
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