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  1. Thank you so much. My fiance is a very patient man and knows what goes on here. My father does seem to have a mental illness now. But I also think most of it is staged to get my mom to keep quiet. It's funny you mention moving across the country because he's in Kentucky and I'm in New York. That's what I was going to do anyway with him lol. I'm just so afraid to leave my mom alone if my sister and her husband can't keep him placid. I am starting to see a therapist but it's mostly trial and error at this stage because I want to find someone who will not be afraid of my anger at this situation and will help me move forward with my life.
  2. Thank you. I also forgot to mention that every morning I hear my mom whispering to my dad "Shut up. Sit down. Do your work. Everything is fine. Don't get up. Calm down. Why do you do this to me?" He plays what I'm starting to call his suicidal games because after he gets my mom frightened enough that he's going to hurt himself because she's showing the slightest signs that she's hurt by his cheating he stops. He also follows her around everywhere she goes. The only family members who kiss ass is my mom, sister and brother in law. Probably because my sister is in the same situation as my mom. I also wanted to mention in addition I've developed a hair pulling disorder and I cut sometimes when it gets too rough. Yes I could go out of the house but I've never been a defiant child when I was little, and it hurts me to abandon my family. I don't want to abandon my mom and some part of me still can't believe this is really my father.
  3. So I wanted to explain something and I need advice now. I'm 28 years old, and I recently found out that my dad has been cheating on my mom with different women throughout the course of my life and their marriage. He would purposely take me and my sister to social functions just to meet new women. A few years ago, I found my dad's email account open and there were emails to over 20 different women he knew and one even said he had wished he had married her instead of my mom. My mom and I both confronted him about this, and he promised he wouldn't do this again. A few years passed, and again, my dad left his email account open and I checked his sent folder and sure enough there were recent emails to many women. This time, my mom was more harsh this time, and I joined in defending my mom. Because of this, my dad deactivated his facebook, and stopped going to social events. Now, if my mom expresses her sadness and anger at his cheating, he tries to physically **** himself in front of her. He's tried many times and my mom has to pretend like nothing is wrong. My mom can't divorce him because she hasn't worked since the 1980s and is financially dependent on him. My dad has been hospitalized for brief periods because he was trying to **** himself in front of her and they only keep him for one night. Also, my brother in law is also the same way because he's cheated on my sister multiple times and tried to have sex with me when I was 16. I recently got engaged and because of this with my dad, I fight with my fiance every night because I'm afraid to trust men. I need help.
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