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  1. Honestly, I’ve been where you are right now. I lived with years of guilt thinking I ruined someone’s life. So I totally understand what your going through.
  2. Oh man. I feel for you. I know it’s the worst feeling. My anxiety is through the roof as well lately. I can’t stop my mind from racing no matter how much I exercise or meditate. I’m losing my mind. But listen man this will eventually pass. Just ride out the storm.
  3. I don’t know what you think you did but try to forgive yourself. We are all fallible beings. Imperfect and prone to make bad judgments. Besides, assuming you had enough power to completely ruin someone’s life is a little egotistic. You assume this person has no resiliency and cannot come back from what is probably just a set back.
  4. I am lovesick. It is affecting my personal and professional life. I have so much anxiety and my mind ruminates daily and nightly over her. I had a crush on her for over a year. Then we finally started texting and eventually she came to my place. She told me from the beginning “ just friends” as she is older than me. She caught me off guard because when we kissed I felt a chemistry unlike ever before and I am a 51 yr old man that has had a lot of girlfriends in my younger years. There is something about her. We have gotten together a few times but she is in control of the friendship. She moves me like no other has but I can’t have her the way I want. Here’s where it gets complicated. She is my direct neighbor in the next building. Sometimes I go to close my blinds and I can see her in her kitchen with her beautiful blonde hair and It is ******* me. help! I don’t know what to do.
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