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  1. hi asia welcome. I too had issues with my father. he loved me once upon a time, then hated me when i hit my teens and my bipolar emerged. he said he was perfect and therefore i should be perfect and just deal with the problems and overcome my fears and self-destructive nature. he passed away and i didn't cry or feel anything. don't let him and his stupid opinion of you ruin your life. i might not know you, but the choice you made to come here for help and support speaks highly of a strong man. it take bravery to admit you are in trouble and need help. i hope you find what you need here and the people to help you through this. only people who suffer with mental illness can understand the pain and hopeless you feel. do not stop reaching out. sprite
  2. Hello I recently started what you are doing. My doctor ramped me down off abilify and started the latuda. It was rough, and I am still having panic attacks and severe depression, but each day the mental pain lessens in me. Yesterday she prescribed a light dose of Lexipro to help with the depression and panic attacks. Today has been mostly good, with only a bit of anxiety, but no depression. I am tired though, which is the lexipro. The guy that said medication isn't the only answer is correct, but medication and altering the brains chemistry is necessary. But so is a therapist to talk to, people to trust, and learning to forgive and live with yourself once more. I wish you all the luck in the world, and I"m here to listen if you need. Sprite
  3. Hi, I'm Sprite. I started Latuda about a month and a half ago. It was a rough journey that has of yet to end. I was on 3 anti-depressants that were not working, as well as a handful of other medications. I fought to not be hospitalized this time! About every 8-10 years my medication cocktail stops working and I become psychotic. I slowly ramped up on the Latuda and ramped down on the Abilify. I'm doing better, but not quite there yet. I have bouts of severe depression then panic attacks as I rapidly cycle through the bipolar symptoms. I can only pray and hope everything will level out. But in the end, I'm glad my doctor started me on the Latuda. Sprite
  4. I have been bipolar most of my life and worked hard to not let it defeat me! I get knocked down and get back on my feet; the only other option is to give in to the disease and die. And that is not an option for any of us. I have never joined a forum before and I am very excited to meet people who live with mental illness and fight it everyday. About myself. I'm Sprite, and I live in the USA. I am an artist and worked for Starbucks for 10 years while working on an Art Education degree. I love both teaching and learning and consider all people (regardless of age) life long learners. My passion is drawing. Everything! People, landscapes, animals, fantasy subjects, there is so much I could add. I also like to paint and sculpt. Any art is good art. I once saw a bumper sticker that informed "EARTH without ART is EH". Never forget that.
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