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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about hypnosis, but I am bipolar and was hoping it would fit in. I am interested in being put under and having memories pulled up. I have a lot of black out of my past, especially high school, and I feel that I need to remember these things if I am to heal. Has anyone here ever done hypnosis and if so, was it helpful?
  2. my bipolar is type one i think. i never get "high" only anxiety and paranoid
  3. the shift for me happens slowly and i can't detect when its happening. i have to keep a journal to keep my eye on what is going on.
  4. nothing seems to help. all the meds are not working, and i don't know how to be "normal"
  5. i wish i had good news, as i went off ablilify and started latuda as well. but it did not go well, I am coming off of latuda and ramping back up on ablify
  6. I have taken abilify for over 10 years. I came off it and transitioned to latuda, it was a disaster. I am back on ablilfy for now.
  7. ElkSprite

    Calming myself down

    ill read it with you
  8. ElkSprite

    Calming myself down

    Have you started reading it yet?
  9. protein bars, a lot of them are high calorie and they are easy to get down at 7am in the morning
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