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  1. my bipolar is type one i think. i never get "high" only anxiety and paranoid
  2. the shift for me happens slowly and i can't detect when its happening. i have to keep a journal to keep my eye on what is going on.
  3. nothing seems to help. all the meds are not working, and i don't know how to be "normal"
  4. i wish i had good news, as i went off ablilify and started latuda as well. but it did not go well, I am coming off of latuda and ramping back up on ablify
  5. I have taken abilify for over 10 years. I came off it and transitioned to latuda, it was a disaster. I am back on ablilfy for now.
  6. ElkSprite

    Calming myself down

    ill read it with you
  7. ElkSprite

    Calming myself down

    Have you started reading it yet?
  8. protein bars, a lot of them are high calorie and they are easy to get down at 7am in the morning
  9. hi asia welcome. I too had issues with my father. he loved me once upon a time, then hated me when i hit my teens and my bipolar emerged. he said he was perfect and therefore i should be perfect and just deal with the problems and overcome my fears and self-destructive nature. he passed away and i didn't cry or feel anything. don't let him and his stupid opinion of you ruin your life. i might not know you, but the choice you made to come here for help and support speaks highly of a strong man. it take bravery to admit you are in trouble and need help. i hope you find what you need here and the people to help you through this. only people who suffer with mental illness can understand the pain and hopeless you feel. do not stop reaching out. sprite
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