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  1. May not seem like a big deal but I did have some new co worker befriend me to take my job. I thought I had an honest friend for the first time and she would ask questions about the job and what I do. I thought since she was new it’ll be cool to show her the ropes nope. She documented everything I did and secretly message my superiors about it. Took leads on projects and other things I didn’t know till they told me my position would be “shared”’with her if I didn’t like it I could move departments. It was a huge blow to me.
  2. Hello!! It’s great to see young people. You’ll be fine people are very nice and welcoming.
  3. I always felt life was so long and it sucks to feel like this. Everyone thinks I’m a downer for saying so but I always see life as this endless train ride. Like why is it so hard to admit? You try to get ahead in life and then find yourself at square one. How can anyone like this back and forth cat and mouse game?
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